The world's first car seat with built-in AIRBAGS

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New AxissFix Air

As a parent you always want to keep your child safe. Now, for the first time, you can keep them secure with Bébé-Confort Air Safety technology® when they’re traveling. Built-in airbags make the AxissFix Air up to 55% safer* than any other forward-facing car seat.

It's what's inside that counts


Discover what 55% safer looks like

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How it works

If your car has a front-on collision, the powerful forces involved can throw your child’s delicate head and neck forward. But with the AxissFix Air, the airbag activates immediately, inflating with cold air in fractions of a second and safely cushioning your child from harm. The integrated airbags give crucial protection to your child’s head and neck.

Let's see it in action
Airbag protection where it matters most

With the AxissFix Air, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your child car seat has a new level of unseen protection that kicks in when you need it most.

Air Safety technology®

The car seat is as streamlined, easy to use and comfortable for your child as other i-Size car seats by Bébé-Confort. The only difference you’ll notice is the enhanced peace of mind that makes every moment of travelling with your little one a pleasure.


A new standard of car seat safety

The AxissFix Air combines:
  • Built-in airbag
  • i-Size safety
  • 360° swiveling seat
  • Rearward / forward facing
  • Lifetime warranty

All this in a premium quality easy-to-use car seat from Bébé-Confort. You can use it forward-facing or rear-facing (up to 87 cm) to suit your child’s stage of development.   

* Compared to other Bébé-Confort forward facing car seats. 

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