Compact safety carrycot
The lightweight safety carrycot

Compact safety carrycot

The lightweight safety carrycot

There is so much to take along when travelling with your baby. Make it easy on yourself with the Bébé Confort Compact Safety Carrycot. 
It is ultra-light, compact and ideal for light travelling. Safely installed in the back of your car, your baby is secured with a 3-point safety harness and protected by an integrated protective pillow. Your baby will enjoy sleeping in this lay-flat carrycot while travelling. And once you've arrived at your destination, the Carrycot becomes a practical pram using the frame of any Bébé Confort stroller

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Why me?

  • Ultra-light & compact 
  • Lay-flat mobility solution 
  • Pram & car usages 
  • 3-point harness
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Ease of use

  • Ultra light for easy carrying to and from car
  • One-click fitting on a Bébé Confort stroller to become a convenient pram
  • Ergonomic carry handles, retractable for extra convenience
  • One-pull harness adjustment to easily secure your baby in the carrycot
  • Machine washable cover at 30°


  • Comfy mattress for high sleeping comfort
  • Soft carrycot liner
  • Comfort shoulders and croch pads to protect baby's fragile skin from the harness
  • Removable canopy
  • Padded removable boot cover


  • Hard shell designed for car usage
  • Integrated protective headset to offer a performant side impact protection
  • 3-point harness for an optimal baby restraint
  • Car safety kit to install the carrycot in car, laterally in the rear car bench using at least 2 seats


  • EN 1888: 2012 (on stroller)
  • R44/04 compliant (in car)
  • 3-point seat belt installation
  • Lateral facing travel
  • Made in Europe
Is it safe to use a carrycot in car ?
You may already heard that carrycots is "not safe", "dangerous" or even "forbidden" to be used in the car. But there is a lot of different types of carrycots, and it's definitly not right for all carrycots. Of course, some carrycots are not designed to be used in a car, but only as a pram or a bassinet/cradle (ex: prambody, soft carrycot...). These ones are not designed and approved to be used in the car. But some others carrycots, called safety carrycots, are approved as group 0 (0-10kg) under the European car safety regulation R44/04, and then are specially designed to be used in car. It's the case for the Windoo Plus & The Compact safety carrycot, both approved as group 0, and offer high level of safety, comparable to a group 0+ infant carrier.
My baby no longer fit into the carrycot and is still unable to sit by himself yet. What should I do?
Once your baby no longer fits in the carrycot, you can either use or continue to use the infant carrier. The infant carrier will remain to most convenient and safety way to continue travelling with your growing baby. Multi-use, you will be able to install the infant carrier on a stroller, in a car and carry it whenever you want. Around 6 months, you baby will start to sit and will be happy to better see the world around him, then you can choose to continue using the infant carrier or place directly your toddler in the pushchair seat.
How to secure my baby in the Bébé Confort Compact safety carrycot ?
To perfectly restrain your baby, the Compact safety carrycot is equipped with a 3-point harness. To adjust the harness, you should press the adjuster button inside the carrycot, at the bottom, and pull the crotch strap, install your baby, attach the buckle and tight the ajuster strap. You should be able to only place 1 finger between your baby's body and the harness to check if it's correctly tight. For extra details, you can look at the instruction movie available on the Bébé Confort website, on Compact safety carrycot product page.
When should my baby switch from the Bébé Confort infant carriers to the next car seat?
We recommend that your baby remains in the infant carrier (group 0+) or the safety carrycots (group 0) as long as possible because this is the safest position to better protect in particular baby's fragile head and neck. It's also usually the most comfortable position for travelling with a baby. As long as the top of your baby's head is fully supported by the shell (not higher than the top of the car seat shell), you can move to a toddler car seat, installed in rearward facing position. The length of the child’s legs is not an important factor here. It is extremely unwise to put a child into a larger, forward-facing car seat too early.
On which pushchairs can I install the Bébé Confort Compact safety carrycot ?
The Bébé Confort Compact safety carrycot (group 0) can be installed in most of the Bébé Confort pushchairs like the Loola 3, Loola 2, Loola Up, Loola, Streety Plus, Streety, Eléa, High Trek.
You can check the extensive compatibility list on the Bébé Confort website, on the Compact safety carrycot product page.
Is the Compact safety carrycot tested by independant European consumer organization ?
As all child restrain system, the Compact safety carrycot has been approved R44/04 by European legal autorities, but has not been yet tested by independant European consumer organization (ADAC, TCS…). As a manufacturer, we can't control the selection made by these independant organization. As a consequence, we don't know when this safety carrycot will be tested. Nevertheless, the Compact safety carrycot is offering a high level of safety as the Windoo Plus, which received 4 stars in May 2011.
Can the Compact safety carrycot be installed on Keyo support ?
The Compact safety carrycot is not approved to be installed in the Keyo support as it not comply to the minimum carrycot height requested by the regulation. It then not possible to install this carrycot on Keyo support. If you want a support to install the carrycot in height position, you should choose for the Windoo Plus, compatible with Keyo support.
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Why me?

Compact safety carrycot

Compact safety carrycot

  • Ultra-light & compact 
  • Lay-flat mobility solution 
  • Pram & car usages 
  • 3-point harness

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