A safe place for your baby


A safe place for your baby

Bébé Confort's Rock, offering a safe haven for your baby in a cosy environment.
Rock is Bébé Confort's new i-Size baby car seat. Offering maximal protection thanks to improved impact-absorbing materials and side protection. Thanks to the comfortable inlay a newborn can enjoy great safety in a cosy environment. Bébé Confort's recommendation is to use the Rock with the FamilyFix One i-Size base, providing the an ISOFIX installation and a highly convenient click-and-go system.
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Why me?

i-Size (R129) safety
Comfortable baby-hugg inlay
Flexible travel system
Does it fit my car?

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Car fitting
  • Isofix

    This product is compatible with ISOFIX.

    Isofix icon

  • Seat belt
    Seat belt

    This product is compatible with car seatbelt.

    seatbelt icon

Child car seats can be installed with ISOFIX or with the car seat belt. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the car seat that suits your situation.
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Safety awards
  • MC8555ADAC01 2018 maxicosi rock ADAC good en

Car Fitting List

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The Rock has the same use period and functionalities that you can expect from a Bébé Confort infant carrier, but there are more unique benefits to the Pebble Plus!

Upgrade to Pebble Plus

Pebble Plus Rock
i-Size compliant (for improved safety performance)
Isofix installation
Reversible baby-hugg inlay -
Easy in harness -

Why me?



i-Size (R129) safety
Comfortable baby-hugg inlay
Flexible travel system

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