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Si quieres reservar la leche materna, por favor, lee estos consejos:

  Tiempo de conservación a temperatura ambiente(+20°C) Tiempo de conservación-nevera Tiempo de conservación- en congelador
Leche fresca recién exprimida 6 – 10 h

3 – 4 días a


Durante 6 meses a -18°C
Leche descongelada 1h 10h a +4°C No volver a congelar

El consejo del experto: 

¿ Cuál es el mejor momento para extraerme la leche?
No hay una norma estricta, pero te sugerimos lo siguiente: 
• Por la mañana, cuando tus pechos están llenos. 
• Después de una toma, si tu bebé no ha tomado toda la leche materna.
• al final de la toma (entre 3 y 5 horas) o cuando sientas que tus pechos estén hinchados.

How should I store my milk?
• Pour your milk into a clean container that can be closed and dated, for example, a Bébé Confort Maternity bottle
• Store it in the fridge or freezer
• Defrosted milk can be stored at 4°C for up to 24 hours

Precauciones a tener en cuenta:
• Only store milk that has been expressed with a sterilised breast pump
• Never re-freeze breast milk
• Do not add freshly expressed milk to milk that has already been frozen
• Throw away any milk your baby leaves in the bottle

Preparando la leche:
• To defrost milk, leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then let it stand at room temperature
• If you warm the milk, roll the bottle between your hands to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly

There isn’t enough suction, please check that:
• all the parts are assembled correctly
• the valve is pushed in properly
• no air is trapped between the silicone tip and the pump

No me sale suficiente leche:
Firstly, check that all the parts are assembled correctly and the breast pump is sucking properly.
If the pump is working properly, but no milk comes out, please don't worry – try to relax. You may have to wait a while the first few times, and the amount of milk can also vary from day to day. Try the following:
• Relax in a place where you will not be disturbed
• Keep your baby near you, or look at a photo of them. This will help to release the milk
• Apply a Bébé Confort compress or put a warm, damp flannel on your breasts for a few minutes. This will soothe them and help to release the milk
• Remember to try both breasts

Dolor de pecho
Decrease the suction level, halve the pressure on your breast, and release slowly.

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