Calientabiberones eléctrico

Calientabiberones eléctrico

   Calienta rápidamente biberones y potitos
  El calientabiberones eléctrico Maternity calienta biberones de cualquier tamaño y los potitos pequeños de una forma rápida y segura. 
   Adaptador para el encendedor del automóvil, para usarlo tanto en casa como de viaje.
  Para una absoluta seguridad, se para automáticamente cuando el biberón está caliente.

Our express bottle warmer can be used both at home and during travel. Complete with a cigarette lighter adapter, the bottle warmer is designed to be used in the car safely. Wether it is at home or is it in the car, heat up your baby's food in no more than 2 minutes !

Easy, convenient and reliable, you can heat up your baby's milk or food jars to the optimal temperature of 37°. No need to worry about overheating and harming your baby's fragile digestive system as it stops automatically as soon as the warming cycle is over, for complete safety.

Microwave warning: 
Be extra careful if you heat baby’s bottles and jars in the microwave as there is a risk of serious burns. Make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout, and don’t rely on the external temperature of the jar or bottle; always pour a few drops on your wrist to ensure it’s not too hot.


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