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High Trek stroller


Digital Rain

Good to know

Every trip out with children is a new adventure. Whether tackling the road less travelled or negotiating bumpy streets, the Bébé Confort High Trek rides over, around and through everything with ease, comfort and in complete safety.

The ultra-padded seat, high-performance suspension and inflatable tyres help soak up every surface, while the forward and rearward-facing seat fully reclines, so a child is always in the perfect position. Control over the speed and direction couldn’t be easier with the progressive braking leaver in the middle of the handle, so even the forest tracks can be tackled in safety.

Why should I choose this product?

  • Bebe Confort High Trek all-terrain stroller Raspberry Red
    Bebe Confort High Trek all-terrain pushchairs Raspberry Red
    All-terrain stroller ideal for both pavements and countryside thanks to its 3 large wheels
  • Bebe Confort High Trek Comfortable large seat Raspberry Red
    Bebe Confort High Trek large seat Raspberry Red
    Suitable from birth to pre-school age thanks to its comfortable and large seat unit
  • Bébé Confort High Trek Flexible Travel System Raspberry Red
    Bébé Confort High Trek Travel System Raspberry Red
    Total flexibility: you can clip a carrycot or a group 0+ car seat to switch easily from a car trip to a stroller walk

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High Trek stroller