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Car seats

2 or 3 Isofix points, what is the difference ?
Is MiloFix compatible with my car ?
MiloFix is a ISOFIX car seat, so it can only be installed on cars equipped with 3 ISOFIX anchors (2 anchors at car seat bench + 1 Top Tether anchorage). We invite you to check in your car instruction manual if your car is equipped with 3 point ISOFIX. There are several possiblities to check if MiloFix fits your car:
- Check in our online car fitting list
- Flash QR code on MiloFix car seat
- Check in store on the car fitting list booklet delivered with MiloFix
Can I install an Isofix seat in another car that doesn't have the Isofix system ?
How to find the location of the Top Tether anchorage ?
Unfortunatly, there is no standard location for Top Tether anchorages in the car. Most often, this anchorage is located in the boot, just behind the rear seats. Now most of the new cars models identify this anchorage with a Top Tether label, where you can see a drawing of a car seat with anchor at the back. To help your to find this anchorage, we invite you to go on our online car fitting list, select your car, and we will show you in which area is located this anchorage. This list is not complete but is regularly updated for your convenience. If you have any douts, or if you don't find the information, please look at the car instruction manual. Be carefull, some anchorages are made to attach a lugagge mesh and are not strong enough to attach the top tether.
I do not have IsoFix anchor points in my car. Can I have them installed?
This is usually not possible because the IsoFix anchors are almost always installed during production in the factory and are attached to the chassis of the car. However, there are a number of car makes that have been offering the IsoFix system for a number of years as an “option”. In these cars, the assembly points for the anchors are already integrated into the bottom of the car body. Audi and Volvo, for example, offer this option. Talk to your car dealer for more information.
How can I install Iséos Isofix car seat in my car ?
The Iséos Isofix has been designed to be installed either with the 3 point belt or with Isofix system (2 Isofix anchors + 1 Top Tether). Of course, the best way to install the car seat remains the Isofix system as it’s easier, safer, and less chance of misuse compared to belt installation, where the best routing can go wrong or the belt can not be well tense. If your car is equipped with isofix, we recommand you to install this seat with the isofix system.
How to ensure a correct Top Tether installation ?
What is key is to always check the Top Tether is correctly tight. An green indicator on the Top Tether is ensuring the correct tension.To obtain the best tension of the Top Tether, you should look for the shorter routing, going directly from the top of the car seat to the Top Tether hook (often located on the luggage compartment)We recommend to remove the headrest to avoid deviate the top tether routing from this shorter route, and consequently ensure a very tight installation in any situations.Installing the top tether in between the headrest or on top of the headrest can deviate his natural routing, and be less efficient in case of impact.
I have a Bébé Confort FamilyFix base and Bébé Confort Pearl. Do the Bébé Confort next stage car seats Rodi XP or Air Protect fit onto the base?
No, they do not. With Group 2/3 car seats such as the Rodi XP or Air Protect, children are secured in the seat using the car seat belt, making it unnecessary to attach the seat to a base.
I notice that there is some play between the Pearl and the FamilyFix. Is this safe?
To ensure that the Pearl can always easily be installed onto the FamilyFix, there must be some space between the spindles and hooks. This space is what causes the play. This play does not affect safety in any way whatsoever. You could try to push the FamilyFix more firmly against the back of the car seat. It is also possible in some cars to adjust the back of the car passenger seat. If this is possible, you can adjust the back so that it fits firmly against the Pearl.
Is IsoFix safer than installing with a car seat belt?
If installed properly, a Bébé Confort car seat is the safest in its class also when installed by car seat belt. Child car seats using regular seat belts though are regularly installed and used incorrectly. With ISOFIX the risk of incorrect installation is very small and most car seats with ISOFIX show correct installation with visible indicators. Therefore it is fair to say that ISOFIX car seats are safer then car seats installed by car seat belt.
There is space between the Pearl and the FamilyFix. Is this safe?
The FamilyFix is secured to the bottom of the car body by the two IsoFix anchor points. The left lamp on the indicator panel on the FamilyFix will turn green to confirm that the seat is installed correctly. The strong connection between the two guarantees maximum safety, regardless of any noises you might hear. The Pearl has two sturdy metal spindles on the bottom. The FamilyFix has 4 hooks that are attached to these spindles on the Pearl. Once the 4 hooks are secure around the 2 spindles, the maximum safety of the system is guaranteed. The right lamp on the indicator panel on the FamilyFix will turn green to confirm that the seat is secured correctly. To ensure that the Pearl can always be installed onto the FamilyFix easily in all instances, there must be some space between the spindles and hooks. This space is what causes the slack. This slack does not affect safety in any way whatsoever. The sound that may result from this extra space depends on a number of factors. The shape of the back seat and the installation of the FamilyFix may affect this. You could try to push the FamilyFix more firmly against the back of the car seat. It is also possible in some cars to adjust the back of the car passenger seat. If this is possible, you can adjust the back so that it fits firmly against the Pearl.
What is IsoFix?
ISOFIX is an international standardized fitting system, which provides the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a child car seat correctly without the need of vehicle seat belts. The name ISOFIX stands for ISO (International Standardization Organization) plus FIX (Fixation). ISOFIX car seats make use of two standard attachment points located at the base of the seat, plus an anti-tipping forward device: either a support leg or top tether.
From 2006 all new cars are equipped with ISOFIX, and ISOFIX is also fitted in a large number of car brands built prior to 2006.
Find out more about ISOFIX.
When can my child switch from an infant car seat (group 0+) to the Iséos Isofix (group 1) ?
According to the child safety regulation R44/4, you can legally start using a group 1 car seat like Iséos Isofix from 9kg. Nevertheless, we recommand you to keep your baby as long as possible in the infant carrier (until 13kg) as it's safer and more comfortable for him. Installed in rearward facing position, your baby's fragile head and neck will be better protected. If your baby's head is still generously protected by the (top of the) infant carrier, you should continue to use it until 13kg. It not a problem if the child's legs extend beyond the edge of the seat. Then, when the top of his head extend past the top of the infant carrier sheel, and if your baby is weighting more than 9kg (ideal is 13kg), you can now think about installing him in Iséos Isofix.
Which Bébé Confort car seats are installed using IsoFix?
Bébé Confort has several car seats that can installed using IsoFix. Some are installed in combination with a base: Bébé Confort FamilyFix base combined with the Bébé Confort Pebble followed by the base combined with the Pearl, for children ages 9 months to 3½ years.
Why does the Bébé Confort need a support leg to support IsoFix products?
This support leg serves several functions. The support leg prevents the car seat from rotating (tipping) in the event of an accident. If the support leg is not used, the car seat may be pushed so far into the seat of the car during a front-end collision that the child will be thrown forward and may even hit the front seat or dashboard. The support leg is equipped with an indicator that shows whether the installation is correct. All IsoFix products from Bébé Confort have indicators so that you can immediately see whether the car seat has been installed correctly. The indicators are located on the steel IsoFix anchor points and the support leg: a green colour appears if the support leg is adjusted properly. The IsoFix products from Bébé Confort rank among the very best and safest car seats on the market. Your child is guaranteed optimal safety with our IsoFix products.

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