Special seat for your baby

Helping babies with hip dysplasia

If you have a child with baby hip dysplasia, you might be worried about finding a safe car seat with the extra leg space that’s needed. Trying to adapt a standard car seat, by using towels for example, is very unsafe.

At Bébé Confort, we want to make sure that all children can travel safely in cars. That’s why we loan special car seats to parents of children with hip dysplasia.

If your child has hip dysplasia, a standard car seat won’t provide the flexibility, comfort and safety they need. Working closely with medical specialists in child hip dysplasia, our engineers have adapted one of our car seats, the Bébé Confort Opal, to create the Bébé Confort Opal HD. The Bébé Confort Opal gives the extra back support and space for the legs that’s so vital for children with hip dysplasia. Parents in Europe can borrow it through our Hip Safety Service, and feel confident knowing their child is travelling safely.

Is your baby having treatment for hip dysplasia? Check your local website for service possibilities.

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Opal HD

Helping babies with hip dysplasia

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