Bath recliner
Ideal to bath baby from the first months

Bath recliner

Ideal to bath baby from the first months

This practical fabric recliner is suitable for children from birth up to 8 kg and can be used in a baby or adult bath.

Why me?

Ultra-soft protective cover
Quick drying
Advice and info

Precautions to take when bathing your baby…
• Never leave a baby alone in the bathtub, even for a very short time or in a small amount of water. A baby can drown in just a few centimetres of water. They may also turn on the hot tap or get out of the bathtub and injure themselves.
• Prepare everything you need in advance so you don't have to leave the room to collect something.
• If you have to leave the bathroom, always take your baby with you (wrapped in a towel).
• Before bathing your child, make sure the room is warm enough (22-23°C). If necessary, provide extra bathroom-safe heating installed by a qualified professional.
• It is best to bath your baby in a small amount of water, no higher than the height of their hips or navel.
• Check the water temperature with a bath thermometer before bathing your baby. The correct temperature is 35°C.
• Turn on the cold tap before the hot tap and never put your baby in the water before stirring it to make sure the temperature is even throughout.
• Run some cold water over the hot tap after filling your baby's bathtub to cool it down.
• Use a non-slip bath mat as soon as your baby can sit upright.
• Remember to empty and wash bath toys after each use to ensure hygiene.
Make bath time fun, relaxing, and an ideal time to interact with your baby…
In the first few months, you will have to change your baby four to six times a day. It's a full-time job, but with a bit of practice and the right equipment, you will soon become a confident expert ! Here are a few hints and tips:
• Make the most of bath time! Baby will love splashing in the water and will greatly enjoy this special time with you. It’s often a time of intense communication and learning, giving baby the chance to interact closely with you while playing and discovering their own body
• Choose equipment that is comfortable and safe for baby and convenient and easy for you
• Remember to select equipment that is suitable for your baby's age and the space you have available
• Give your baby some fun toys to play with. Babies particularly love toys that float, spurt water, fill up with water or move on their own. Don’t provide too many toys at once as this can be confusing
• Bathtub storage nets are the ideal solution for drying and storing baby’s bath toys
• At the end of the day, bathing will also help your baby to relax and sleep peacefully

Why me?

Bath recliner

Foldable bath recliner

Ultra-soft protective cover
Quick drying

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