Our Eco design

High quality, sustainable products

Sustainable products are made to last, while low-quality, less durable products are disposed of at a greater rate, contributing to high levels of waste.

That’s why, at Bébé Confort, we strive to provide quality products that are durable and long-lasting – but we do much more too.

Eco design approach
With our eco design, we create eco-friendly products that are not only hard working and hard wearing, but have less impact on the environment too.

We have 4 criteria that we use when we develop a new eco designed product. It must:

  • meet the child’s needs
  • be easy to use for parents
  • be value for money
  • be environmentally friendly

Taking this further, we make sure that the standard of each of our 4 criteria is higher than other products in the same class. When you see an eco design label, you know it has been made with the utmost care for your family and the environment.

How do we ensure eco-friendly design?
We use a life cycle assessment to make sure that we minimize the impact of our products on the environment, from raw materials to recycling.

For example, our Natural Comfort bottle has 22% less environmental impact than the range of maternity bottles it was compared to.

Baby bottle feeding

Raw materials extraction and energy

  • We use 20% less plastic than the maternity range
  • Our cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests

Manufacturing & Transportation

  • We reduce transport distances as most of the bottle’s components are manufactured in Europe
  • The packaging, rings, handles and caps are produced and assembled in France

Product usability

  • Our eco designed products, like the Natural Comfort bottles, are reliable, practical and easy to use


  • When your bottle finally reaches the end of its life, check with your local authority that you can put it in the recycling.

Using the bottle in an eco friendly way
80% of the environmental impact of a bottle comes from its use. To reduce the impact:

  • use eco labelled  washing up detergents
  • use a gentle brush or sponge to minimise scratching the bottle
  • use the dishwasher – it consumes less detergent, water and energy
  • re-use the bottle with the Natural Comfort accessories (breast pump, storage bottles) 

We’re proud that our Natural Comfort bottle is Made In France. 

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