Breast or bottle?

How will you feed your baby?

Sustainable products are made to last, while low-quality, less durable products are disposed of at a greater rate, contributing to high levels of waste.

Health professionals agree that breast milk has unique benefits for your baby. It’s ideal for newborn feeding as it contains antibodies and it changes according to baby’s needs. Breastfeeding is also a very special experience that helps strengthen the bond between you and baby. Plus, it’s the cheapest way of baby feeding.

Mixed feeding
Even if you’re breastfeeding, Dad can get involved if you mix breast and bottle feeding. That can mean breastfeeding along with giving breast milk in a bottle, or a combination of breast milk and formula.

To do this, you’ll need a breast pump to collect milk, and bottles to store it in so that others can feed your baby.

Breast or bottle feeding

Formula feeding
For many reasons, some mums decide not to breastfeed. It’s your decision and nothing to feel guilty about. In any case, breastfeeding won’t be a happy experience if you don’t want to do it. Infant formula will give your baby all the essential elements that he needs to grow, so don’t worry.

What bottle feeding equipment will you need?
Cuddling up close to your baby when you’re bottle feeding is lovely – and you can share it with dad so he can enjoy these special moments with your little one too.

There’s a whole range of accessories that make bottle feeding, including newborn bottle feeding, simple.

We can help with finding the best feeding bottles and teats. The Natural Comfort teat has a shape inspired by the breast and works with the baby’s mouth and suction movement. 95% of babies it’s been tested on accepted it without any problem – including breastfed babies.

Our sterilisers make it easy to keep bottles clean. And our bibs will protect your baby’s clothes while you’re feeding.

Explore Bébé Confort’s bottle feeding range 

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