Finding the right bottle teat

Make bottle feeding a pleasure

Successful bottle feeding isn’t just about finding the best feeding bottle – you need to find the right teat too. Find out what to look for.

Find out what to look for.

  • Shape is really important. If you’re switching from breast to bottle, you’ll want something your baby will find familiar and comforting. Look for a teat that’s got a similar shape to a breast.
  • Flow is another consideration. Using a teat that allows for the right flow of liquid means your baby can drink at their own pace – so there’s less chance of them getting colic or regurgitating their milk. The flow speed needs to increase as your baby gets older.

To see what flow to choose for different ages, take a look at the chart below for the Bébé Confort Natural Comfort teat :

Making teats last longer
Looking after your bottle teats will help prolong their lives. Here are a few tips:

  • use the proper bottle brush for gentle cleaning
  • don’t use too much force around the teat opening when you’re cleaning
  • don’t leave teats out in the air or in sunlight for too long
  • once they’re completely dry, store teats in a drawer or box
Find the right baby bottle teat

Replacing teats
You’ll need to replace teats every 2 or 3 months as they wear out. They can get damaged when a baby starts to feed more vigorously. Chemical sterilisation and washing also causes wear and tear.

Bébé Confort’s anti-colic teat and anti-colic bottle
Our Natural Comfort teat has been specifically designed to imitate the shape of a breast, so as to resemble natural feeding as closely as possible.

It significantly reduces colic and regurgitation thanks to its Dual Air System that regulates air flow. 95% of the babies it’s been tested on accepted it without any problem – including breastfed babies.

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