Heating baby bottles

Why parents love bottle warmers

If you’ve got a baby who’s waking up hungry at night, you’ll want to get their milk to them as quickly as possible – so they can settle down and you can grab some much-needed sleep!

A bottle warmer gets your baby’s milk to exactly the right temperature and heats it uniformly – so there’s no risk of burning. Plus, modern bottle warmers are almost as fast as microwaves. And that’s a big advantage – especially at night!

Our bottle warmer can be used at home and in the car, as it has a cigarette lighter adaptor. It’s easy to clean in the dishwasher too.

Microwave warning
Be extra careful if you heat your baby’s bottle in the microwave. Because microwaves don’t heat evenly, the milk may be very hot in the centre, so there’s a risk of burning your baby’s mouth. Make sure you heat the water before adding the formula.  Also make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout, and don’t rely on the external temperature of the bottle – always pour a few drops on your wrist to ensure it’s not too hot.

Heating baby bottle

Dad’s tip

Franck, 32, is father of Lucas, 6 months

“Making up a bottle in the middle of the night isn’t easy – especially if you’re a deep sleeper. The first time I got up to prepare Lucas’s bottle it took me a few minutes to get all his things together – a clean bottle, the teat, his bib, and even then I managed to make a couple of mistakes when I was measuring out the milk. Now I think ahead and have everything ready beforehand.”

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