Manual breast pump
Stronger and more flexible handle for a smooth, very gentle movement

Manual breast pump

Stronger and more flexible handle for a smooth, very gentle movement

With the new Bébé Confort manual breast pump, you can finally pump your milk effortlessly thanks to the ergonomic handle.
Very comfortable owing to the soft silicone membrane,the breast pump also has 2 different modes designed to reproduce a natural breastfeeding moment. The stimulation mode imitates your baby's suction when put the breast. It enables the activation of milk production and then, you can easily start the expression. The breast pump has an adjustable suction intensity that you can adapt to your own sensibility.
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To store your milk, please see the information below:

  Storage time – Room temperature (+20°C) Storage time - refrigerator Storage time – freezer compartment Storage time – freezer
Freshly expressed milk 6 – 10 h 3 – 4 days at +4°C 2 weeks at -16°C About 6 months at -18°C
Defrosted milk 1h 10h at +4°C Do not refreeze Do not refreeze

The Expert's advice : 

When is the best time to express my milk?
There are no strict rules, but you may find the following suggestions helpful:
• In the morning, when your breasts are full, just before or after the first feed of the day
• After a feed if your baby has not used up all your milk
• At the end of a feeding cycle (between three and five hours) or when you feel that your breasts are swollen

How should I store my milk?
• Pour your milk into a clean container that can be closed and dated, for example, a Bébé Confort Maternity bottle
• Store it in the fridge or freezer
• Defrosted milk can be stored at 4°C for up to 24 hours

Some precautions:
• Only store milk that has been expressed with a sterilised breast pump
• Never re-freeze breast milk
• Do not add freshly expressed milk to milk that has already been frozen
• Throw away any milk your baby leaves in the bottle

Using the milk:
• To defrost milk, leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then let it stand at room temperature
• If you warm the milk, roll the bottle between your hands to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly

There isn’t enough suction, please check that:
• all the parts are assembled correctly
• the valve is pushed in properly
• no air is trapped between the silicone tip and the pump

The milk does not come out
Firstly, check that all the parts are assembled correctly and the breast pump is sucking properly.
If the pump is working properly, but no milk comes out, please don't worry – try to relax. You may have to wait a while the first few times, and the amount of milk can also vary from day to day. Try the following:
• Relax in a place where you will not be disturbed
• Keep your baby near you, or look at a photo of them. This will help to release the milk
• Apply a Bébé Confort compress or put a warm, damp flannel on your breasts for a few minutes. This will soothe them and help to release the milk
• Remember to try both breasts

Breast pain
Decrease the suction level, halve the pressure on your breast, and release slowly.

Why me?

Manual breast pump

Manual breastpump

2 modes

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