Choosing a baby walker

Fun and freedom for baby

Seeing your baby standing up and then taking their first steps are great moments for parents.

Their urge to get up and about will usually start at some time between 7 months and 1 year. A good baby walker can help your baby explore this key stage in their development and give them the confidence to take their first steps alone.

So how do you choose the best baby walker for your baby? Here are a few things to look out for.


Babies love the freedom a walker gives them, but they need to be safe while they’re exploring. Look for:

  • a wide base that will stop your baby venturing where they shouldn’t
  • anti-slipping pads
  • a speed reducer to stop them going too fast

Extra entertainment

Activities will keep your baby amused when they stop for a rest. Look for things like:

  • toy attachments
  • musical additions
  • shapes and textures to touch and play with


Your baby is growing quickly, so invest in a baby walker that can grow with them. Look for:

  • adjustable height settings
  • adaptable functions as they learn to walk for themselves
  • a comfy padded seat

Using your baby walker

Your baby may need a little time to get used to their walker. To help them, put your baby in slowly and make sure they’re comfortable. Also, make sure the walker is at the right height – it should be low enough for your baby to push against the floor with their whole foot, rather than just their toes. 

Encouraging your baby to walk

You can use the baby walker as a push-along walker to give your baby confidence as they start to move around. You can also:

  • praise them when they stand up – it will encourage them to walk towards you
  • hold their hands while they ‘walk’ in front of you. If you let go of one hand it will help them practice their balance 
  • arrange the room so they can ‘cruise’ – meaning they can make their way around by holding on to the furniture

Remember to stay close by so you can help your baby get up again if they fall.

It won’t be long before a whole new world opens up for your baby as they start toddling around on their own. Our baby walkers, The Balancelle and the Kamino, can help your baby on their way.

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