Dummy, soother or thumb?

What’s best for baby

It’s natural for babies to suck – they find it calming and soothing. So should you let your baby suck her thumb? Or should you give her a dummy? We take a look at the pros and cons.

  • A thumb can’t get lost, so your baby won’t get distressed trying to find it
  • The flipside of this is that you can’t take away a thumb, so children may continue sucking their thumb long after they would have ditched the dummy
  • Thumb sucking can also cause dental malformation by pushing the teeth forward


  • When a dummy has dropped out, it’s hard to find. Your baby relies on you to find it again, and again…
  • It’s easier for a older child to abandon a dummy than to stop sucking a thumb
  • Dummies are designed for good oral and dental development

Which type of baby dummy to choose?
If you’ve chosen to give your baby a dummy:

  • the teat should be as thin as possible
  • it should be soft, to avoid putting pressure on your baby’s gums
  • the shape should be ‘physiological’ – fitting the palate contours safely
Dummy or soother

You have a choice of rubber or a silicon baby dummies (although your baby will probably choose for you!). 

Rubber is natural, traditional and supple, but it tastes and smells stronger than silicone and perishes more quickly. 
Silicone is a newer material – also supple, but more neutral-tasting and smelling. It’s easier to clean and more resistant to deterioration than rubber.

How long will a dummy last?
Your baby’s dummy will need changing fairly often – about every 3 months – and immediately if you spot deterioration. When your child is around 2, you can gently begin to encourage him to give up his dummy.

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