Feeding toddlers

The last weaning stage

When your toddler reaches about 18 months, they’ll be getting ready for mealtime independence. By this stage, they will have got used to feeding themselves using spoons as well as their hands, and they’ll be enjoying a variety of flavours and textures.

Now they can really start to take part in family meals – doing it all by themselves and eating the same food as you with the same utensils.

Feeding a toddler: how to move on
Eating with a toddler turns mealtimes into playtime. Making fun patterns and shapes with their food and choosing brightly decorated dishes and cutlery will help keep their attention and make them want to finish what’s on the plate.

Feeding toddlers

What equipment will I need for feeding my toddler?

  • Help your baby eat confidently on their own with bowls, plates, cups and beakers with anti-slip bases
  • Cutlery with rounded edges will allow baby to imitate mum and dad safely
  • Eating independently can be a messy business. Have a few crumb-catcher bibs handy to keep their clothes clean

At Bébé Confort, we offer all a toddler needs for independent eating, including brightly decorated anti-slip plates and bowls, beakers, cups and rounded-edge cutlery.

We can also help you choose the right highchair for your toddler

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