Baby weaning stages

From weaning to toddler feeding

At some time between the end of their fourth month and six months, milk will stop being enough to meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Now’s the time to start moving them on to solid food. Weaning doesn’t happen all at once though – the process of weaning a baby to feeding a toddler is gradual and can be divided into steps.

Step 1: weaning
Breast milk or formula will still be the basis of your baby’s nutrition in the early days. Introducing new foods will be a process of discovery for your baby and is something you should do very gradually.

Ideal first foods are well-cooked, puréed fruit and vegetables. As your baby gets older, you can try soups and foods with more texture. Read about starting to wean your baby

Step 2: learning
When they’re between 9 to 18 months old, your baby will become more and more curious about food. As your baby’s coordination develops, you can start to let them eat with their hands. Read about helping baby eat on their own

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Step 3: imitating
When your toddler reaches about 18 months, they’ll be getting ready for mealtime independence. By this stage, they’ll have got used to feeding themselves using spoons as well as their hands, and they’ll be enjoying a variety of flavours and textures. Read about feeding toddlers

Foods to introduce at different ages: see our handy chart

Making food for your baby
It’s fun to make your own tasty dishes for your baby. You can awaken both your baby’s taste buds and curiosity by offering a range of flavours and textures.

To save time, cook ahead and freeze your baby’s meals, but make sure any defrosted meal is eaten within 24 hours and is not refrozen.

From bibs to highchairs, we’ve got lots to make weaning easy. Explore our feeding range

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