Ultra Comfy Potty

Ultra Comfy Potty

Bebe Confort ultra-comfy potty will perfectly fit your child's shape. The potty is suitable for boys as it has a splash guard.
Thus, it will bring your child, boy or girl, maximum comfort and stability and therefore ease their learning process of hygiene. Very convenient, the potty has an handle to hold for an easy & quick cleaning.
Available in blue and in purple.
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Why me?

Excellent stability
Suitable for boys
Easy to clean
Made in France
Advice and info

When is my child ready to use a potty?
Remember that every child is unique!
As a general rule, children are ready to use a potty at about the age of two. When they can go up and down stairs on their own their motor coordination is good and this means they are capable of controlling when they go to the toilet.
Other signs may also show that a child is ready to use a potty, for example, if they start to imitate their parents or older siblings; if they offer others their toys; and if they are proud of their achievements and like being praised and congratulated.

How can I potty-train my baby?
When your child is willing, show them a potty, let them play with it and demonstrate how the ‘big boys and girls’ use it. Then follow these steps:
• Always put the potty in the same place
• While your child is still wearing a nappy, sit them on the potty at specific times of the day to create a habit, for example, before and after naps, and before bath time
• Next, sit your child on the potty at set times without their nappy
• If they ask to sit on the potty, let them do so without their nappy
• Give lots of praise when your child manages to use the potty and they will be encouraged to do so again
• Never tell your child off or get angry if they:
- can’t use the potty
- don’t want to sit on the potty
- they go to the toilet as soon as you put their nappy back on

Learning to use a potty is a gradual process. All will go well if you let your little one progress at their own pace and don’t pressure them. Remember that children sometimes regress, but don’t worry as they’ll soon get back on track again.
As a general rule, most children are potty trained during the day at 28 months and at night at 36 months.

Why me?

Ultra Comfy Potty

Ultra comfy potty

Excellent stability
Suitable for boys
Easy to clean
Made in France

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