Bathing and Care

From first baths to cutting their hair and keeping their nails in trim, there’s lots of baby care to be done with a little one. See how we can help you relax and enjoy it

Best Baby Baths and Equipment

Bathing your baby is a chance to enjoy special moments together. Find out how to prepare and what equipment you’ll need.

My Maternity Checklist

Packed your maternity bag yet? Here’s a checklist of the new baby essentials.

Newborn Care and Toiletries

Get tips for looking after your baby’s nails, teeth and hair and see which newborn toiletries and baby care essentials.

Potty Training Your Baby

Thinking about when and how to start potty training your baby? Get some useful tips and answers to your questions.

Dealing with baby's blocked nose

Babies often have the snuffles or suffer from runny noses. Find the baby and newborn care toiletries you need to deal with