ShapeOfYou Carrycot

The newborn solution for your Lila CP and Lila SP
From birth to approx. 6 months
0-9 kg
  • Shaped cavity
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Compact fold

Product description

You want your little one to be as comfortable as possible. And so do we! That's why we designed the Bébé Confort Lila ShapeOfYou Carrycot. It turns your Lila CP or Lila SP pushchair into a solution for newborns, ensuring the utmost comfort from day one. 

Installation with pushchair 

Got a Bébé Confort Lila SP or Bébé Confort Lila CP pushchair? Our Bébé Confort ShapeOfYou Carrycot turns your pushchair into a from-birth solution. Easily click the carrycot onto the frame of the pushchair and you're ready to stroll! 


Our Bébé Confort car seats, pushchairs and carrycots help carry families happily into the future. As manufacturer, we advise that you keep your newborn in the lie-flat position while you're on the go, until your little one reaches around 9 kg. 

Because we care about your little one’s safety, our ShapeOfYou Carrycot is designed with a shaped cavity that prevents flat head syndrome. The carrycot also includes a removable cushion to offer a more natural position during your baby's first three months. This way, you can enjoy endless walks without having to worry about their posture and comfort.

The newborn solution for the Lila CP and Lila SP

The Bébé Confort ShapeOfYou turns your Lila CP or Lila SP pushchair into a pram, to offer a comfortable journey from birth. The Bébé Confort carrycot provides comfort not only for your little one, but also for you as parent. Weighing just 3.2 kg, the Lila ShapeOfYou Carrycot is lightweight for easy carrying. 

What's unique about the ShapeOfYou carrycot is that it is the first Bébé Confort carrycot to offer a sustainable solution. The ShapeOfYou reuses the seat frame, canopy and mattress of the Lila CP/Lila SP pushchair. Turning the seat of the Lila pushchair into a carrycot is simple, and we're excited to show you how it works. 

Once your little one is old enough to sit up straight, they won’t be able to get enough of looking around while out for a walk. So, it's time to put the seat back on! Simply turn the carrycot back into a seat and store the remaining fabrics away so they're ready for whenever the next baby comes along. 

Removable cover

Of course, our Bébé Confort carrycot is likely to get dirty after a while, so you might want to freshen it up. We've got you covered! The cover of our carrycot is easily removable and machine washable so you can keep it clean no matter what. 

Why choose me

What's in the box
  • ShapeofYou Cover for mattress
  • ShapeofYou Removable cushion


  • Easily click onto pushchair frame to attach

  • Compatible with the Lila SP or Lila CP pushchair

  • Compact fold for easy storage

  • Cover can be removed

  • Cover can be washed in the washing machine


  • Unique mattress design prevents flat head syndrome

  • Removable cushion offers natural position for newborns

  • Lightweight for easy carrying


  • Sustainable solution

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