Bringing comfort into your home for your new-born

Welcoming your little one home for the first time is one of the most exciting parts of having a new baby. In fact, home is where you will enjoy lots of snuggles with your baby, have a cozy nighttime bond with (hopefully) your little sleeper, or enjoy quality time at the dinner table. At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort – wherever you happen to be. Welcome home, little one!
Let’s see it in action

Essentials for at home

From the moment you return from the hospital, Maxi-Cosi makes sure that your newest little family member is always comfortable, and life is as easy as possible for you at your own home. We have selected the best product tips for new-born essentials to use at home:

Having your hands free with a baby rocker!

We love to snuggle with our little ones, but sometimes we need free hands while keeping them by our side. This is where baby rockers step in, to offer ease of use for you and comfort for your baby. For instance, you can easily place the lightweight and compact Maxi-Cosi Kori anywhere at home and carry on doing other chores. Meanwhile, your little one will be comfortably rocking, playing or sleeping in Kori’s super soft and supportive inlay. 

Join the dinner table with a high chair!

With a highchair, you as a family can enjoy quality time at the dinner table and your little one can engage in social feeding activities. Our new highchair Maxi-Cosi Minla serves not only as a highchair, but also as an infant seat thanks to its cozy inlay, and a cool booster seat with tray. You can use Minla from birth until your little one turns 6 years old thanks to it customisable fit! 

Keep you baby close with a co-sleeper

The list of the advantages of having a co-sleeper can be very long. Ease when breastfeeding, reducing any nighttime worries you have with your little one, and developing emotional connection with your baby are just a few of them. Check out Maxi-Cosi Iora, a sleek co-sleeper that makes sure your little one enjoys sweet nights only an arm’s reach away.