Car seat safety tips per age

How to use your seat

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Safety tips for baby car seats

  • Always use the seat in a rearward-facing position, preferably until your baby is 15 months old.
  • Only switch to a larger toddler seat when the top of your baby’s head comes over the top of the back of the infant carrier seat.
  • Use an ISOFIX base. It makes installing the seat quick and easy and reduces the risk of incorrect car seat installation.
  • Put the baby car seat in the rear of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat. If you really want to travel with your baby in the front passenger seat, deactivate the frontal airbag.
  • Don’t use the baby car seat for longer than 2 hours – babies need to move around freely and change position once a while.
  • Make sure that the harness system is pulled tight. It should be positioned at the height of your baby’s shoulder and not be twisted.
  • If you install the car seat with the car seat belt, make sure the lap belt is positioned correctly on the guides and runs over your baby’s legs. Our baby car seats have blue colour coding to show where the seat belt should be positioned.  
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Safety tips for toddler car seats

  • If possible use an R129 (i-Size) toddler seat. You can use these in a rear-facing position for longer.
  • If you have ISOFIX anchorage in your car, use an ISOFIX seat. They’re easier to install.
  • If you’re installing the seat with a seat belt, make sure it’s positioned correctly. Our toddler car seats have red colour coding to show where the seat belt should go.
  • Put the toddler car seat in the back of the car, preferably behind the passenger seat. If you really want to travel with your child in the front passenger seat, deactivate the frontal airbag and put the seat as far back as possible.
  • Switch to a larger child car seat ─ group 2/3 ─ when your child’s shoulders are 2cm above the highest openings for the shoulder straps in the toddler seat.
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Safety tips for child car seats

  • Make sure the headrest of the child car seat is set at the lowest position when switching from the toddler to the child car seat.
  • For best car seat safety, use a comfortable booster seat with a back and a headrest and not a booster-cushion.
  • Always use the upper diagonal and lower hip belt. Pull the belt tight after locking the buckle.
  • If possible install the car seat with ISOFIX. This makes the car seat more stable, especially when travelling without the child.

Using the car seat belts
You no longer legally need to use a car seat if your child is 1.35 or 1.50 meters tall. Regulations vary country to country. See the height for your country.

  • Make sure the seat belt is positioned correctly at your child’s shoulder and hips. If it isn’t positioned correctly, we advise you to keep using a booster seat.
  • Never have the upper diagonal belt running behind the child’s back or only use the lap belt.
  • Make sure the seat belt is in the correct ─ normally the lowest ─ position.
  • Make sure that the vehicle’s lap belt is on your child’s upper legs/hips and not his stomach. 
Bébé Confort car seats are among the safest on the market, but only by following the tips above ─ installing them carefully and using them correctly ─ will you get the very best out of them. 

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