Side impact protection

Child safety in side impact crashes

One in 4 car accidents is a side impact collision. This type of crash is generally more serious than others – and causes more severe injuries.  

Why are children more at risk in a side impact crash?

  • a child’s head and chest are extremely vulnerable to injury
  • children can be injured by the oncoming vehicle and by forceful contact with the inside of the car
  • the car door could be pushed into them, especially if their car seat is next to it

How does the Bébé Confort side protection system work?
All our car seats are fitted with side impact protection technology

The parts of the car seat that cradle your child’s head are reinforced with layers of EPS and foam material. This absorbs the impact of side and rear crashes, and rebounds in frontal crashes. It also distributes the force of the crash away from your child’s body.

The Bébé Confort side protection system instantly absorbs the force of the impact to prevent serious head trauma.

We’ve also integrated technologies like AirProtect® into our car seats and even more advanced technologies for car seat safety were added with the i-Size regulation

Because of this, it’s crucial never to remove any of the layers of foam in your car seat, even when cleaning. 

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Where is the safest place in the car for a car seat?
The middle of the rear seat is considered best for car seat safety. But because it’s often raised it might not be possible to install the car seat firmly on it. Instead, we recommend you put the seat behind the passenger seat. 

Check where’s the most suitable place for a car seat in your car with our Car Fitting List 

What do safety regulations say about side impact protection?
Side impact protection has been included in the new i-Size (R129) safety regulation. This means the performance of car seats in both frontal and side impact collisions has to be assessed - a step forward in improving child safety in cars.

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