Lightweight basic infant carrier


Lightweight basic infant carrier

The Bébé Confort Citi is an excellent, long-lasting infant car seat. Lightweight, it is very easy to carry from home to the car and back. The Citi is equipped with the Side Protection System to ensure safe travel. It can be installed with the car seat belt, or with the Click & Go CitiBase. And because it clicks onto any Bébé Confort stroller, it offers the ease and comfort of using the flexible travel system.
The Citi is very lightweight. Comfortably padded seat, maximum safety thanks to side protection system and simply fitted with the car seat belt or click-and-go Citi.Base, you will never have to worry about your baby's well-being. The Modulo Clip system makes the Citi car seat compatible for use on any Bébé Confort stroller, making it an easy to use travel system.
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Side Protection System
Flexible travel system
Click & Go installation 
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Car fitting
  • Seat belt
    Seat belt

    This product is compatible with car seatbelt.

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Child car seats can be installed with ISOFIX or with the car seat belt. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the car seat that suits your situation.
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Safety awards
  • BBC8823ADAC01 BebeConfort Citi ADAC good 2016 en

Car fitting list 

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Ease of use
• Install the Citi with 3-point car seat belt in the car
• Lighweight infant carrier with ergonomic handlebar for easy carrying
• Cover can be removed from the car seat and is easy to wash and clean in the washing machine
• Cover can be removed from the car seat with dismantling the integral harness
• Can be used in an airplane (TUV certification)

• Seat padding for soft and comfortable position of the baby
• Sun protected with the integrated sun canopy

• Side protection of the car seat ensures safe travel of the baby
• Car seat is positioned rear facing in the car for optimal safe travel
• Citi includes a 3-point safety harness
• With the CitiBase it is easy to install the Citi in the car and on the Bébé Confort strollers

Why me?


Side Protection System
Flexible travel system
Click & Go installation 

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