Best Baby Baths and Equipment

Enjoy bathing your baby

Bathing your baby is a chance to enjoy special moments together. Babies love splashing in the water and will have fun interacting so closely with you. Plus, a bath is a great way of relaxing your baby before bed time.

To make the most of bath time, especially if you’re bathing a newborn, it’s important to be prepared.

  • Decide which room you’ll be bathing them in and make sure there’s room for all the equipment you’ll be using
  • Keep everything you need to hand, like soap, shampoo, a bath sponge and a towel
  • Make sure the water’s the right temperature – between 35°C and 37°C is about right. You can take the guesswork out by using a bath thermometer. Also check the room temperature. It should be between 20°C and 22°C so your baby doesn’t get cold

What equipment will I need?

Choose equipment that’s comfortable and safe for baby, as well as convenient and easy for you.

If you’re looking for the best baby bath there are lots of options, including super-comfortable ergonomic baby tubs.

To avoid having to bend over, choose a baby bath with a stand.

Bathing a newborn can be easier with a foldable bath recliner. And once your baby can sit up, you can try a swivel bath seat.

To add to the fun, try putting some toys in the bath for baby. Toys that float and spurt water are particularly popular with babies, but so as not to confuse your little one, try giving one toy at a time.

There are lots of baby hygiene products for keeping your baby clean and tidy, including brushes, safe scissors and nail clippers. Why not make life easier by going for an all-in-one toiletry set?


Baby bathing tips

  • Baths for newborns shouldn’t last longer than 5 minutes. They can stay in a bit longer when they’re older
  • Never leave your baby alone in the bath – always you’re your eye on them to avoid accidents
  • Once you’re finished, take them out quickly and wrap them in a towel
  • Empty and wash out bath toys after each use

You’ll only need to bath baby a few times before you feel confident. And when that happens, you’ll find bath time is a real pleasure – a special daily moment between you and your child.

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