Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

Fitting feeding into your schedule

With a little organisation and support, breastfeeding and going back to work can be compatible.

How to continue breastfeeding when back at work

Expressing milk will help you carry on breastfeeding when back at work. It also means your baby or toddler can continue to enjoy the benefits of breast milk. And there are breast pumps available that make it easy.

There are 2 types of breast pump that can help you express – manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps. Our Natural Comfort electric breast pump is hands-free and discreet – ideal for expressing milk at work.

Take things gradually

If you’re going back to work, start using the breast pump a few weeks before to get used to the change. To save time, you could try expressing when breastfeeding by using the pump on the breast you’re not using to feed.

Once you’re back at work, try to keep to a regular schedule – express your milk at the same times that your baby used to feed.

It’s important to find a quiet, comfortable and private place to express your milk. Contact your employer before you go back to work to arrange this.

Breastfeeding and storage

You’ll also need containers and a fridge for breast milk storage. Our breastfeeding storage bottles and bags are ideal for storage and you can also collect milk using our milk shells.

Weaning your baby from breast to bottle

When you go back to work, your baby will need to get used to taking a bottle if she’s not doing so already.

Make the switch gradually so that your baby has the chance to get used to a new way of feeding. Try substituting a bottle for the breast one feed at a time. If they feed for comfort, try other ways of soothing them like rocking, singing or sharing a story.

Our Natural Comfort bottles and teats are great for helping baby get used to bottles. Their unique shape is similar to that of the breast, and tests prove that they’re easily accepted by 95% of babies.