Breastfeeding Equipment

Make breastfeeding even easier

Experts agree that breast milk is the ideal food for newborn feeding – it’s the natural way to ward off infections and develop a baby’s sense of taste. It’s also a unique and special experience that helps strengthen the bond between you and baby, not to mention the cheapest way to feed them.


Most mums are able to breastfeed, but they may need professional help. Midwives and doctors are there to advise you, so be sure to share your feelings and to ask questions if you need to. Every mum will need help with the first feed, and the professionals will help you get the most out of this wonderful experience.

Breastfeeding is a peaceful time, and being prepared will help you enjoy it more. You’ll find there’s a whole range of products dedicated to making your breastfeeding experience even better and overcoming some of the common problems that mums experience.

Soothing compresses: When your milk comes in during the first days of feeding a newborn, your breasts may get hard and engorged. Our soothing compresses will help.

Breast pads: Pads stop leaks from damaging your clothes. With Bébé Confort, you can choose from biodegradable and washable pads.

Breast pumps: Your baby can enjoy the benefits of breast milk even if you’re not able to feed them yourself when you express milk. Expressing can also help stimulate your milk supply. We offer manual and electric breast pumps as well as bags and bottles to store your milk.



Bottles and teats: If you choose to mix breast and bottle feeding, or you’re going to express milk, you’ll need bottles and teats. Our Natural Comfort physiological teats are easily accepted by 95% of babies.Nipple shields: Your nipples can get sore when you’re breastfeeding, particularly in the early weeks. Nipple shields and milk shells will help to protect the delicate skin.

Expert tips from our partner midwife

“Prepare for breastfeeding baby by asking your midwife for advice as you prepare for the birth. The first time you breastfeed is especially important and you should get help and guidance right from the start.”

Breastfeeding my not be as easy as you expect – especially when you start – and it’s as new to your newborn as it is to you. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get your bearings, so be patient and things will get easier.