Breastfeeding Problems

Overcoming common breastfeeding pitfalls

Breastfeeding has lots of benefits for you and your baby but there can be glitches, especially in the early days. Here are a few breastfeeding tips for overcoming common problems.


Engorged breasts

Why does it happen? In the first week as your milk comes in, it’s normal for your breasts to become hard and possibly painful. Your breasts can also get hot and painful if you’ve missed a feed or if a milk duct is blocked.

What you can do: Try to feed your baby from both breasts and feed as often as possible. Immersing your breasts in a bowl or warm water or taking a warm shower can help too, as can using a hot washcloth before feeding to soften your breasts. If you have a feverheadachestiffness or a hot,red or painful area on your breast, contact your midwife.

How Bébé Confort can help: You can use one of our breast pumps to start off your milk supply and express milk. Our soothing breastfeeding compresses and our milk shells can help too.

Inflamed or painful nipples

Why does it happen? Wrong positioning is often the cause. The best way to prevent sore nipples is to make sure your baby is attached to your breast correctly. If feeding is painful, take your baby off the breast by putting a clean finger gently into their mouth, then try again. See more on the best positions for breastfeeding.

What you can do: Keep your breasts open to the air. This will help with healing. Use nipple shields to protect your nipple. If your nipples are cracked or bleeding, or if feeding continues to be painful, see your doctor.

How Bébé Confort can help: Our nipple shields can help protect your skin.

Lack of milk or let-down (milk ejection) reflex

Why does it happen? For the first few days, it’s normal for milk production to be lower as your baby only needs a few drops of colostrum to be satisfied.

What you can do: Breastfeed your baby more often and it will stimulate milk production. To help with the let-down reflex, put a warm washcloth on your breasts and massage them before a feed.

How Bébé Confort can help: You can warm up with our soothing compresses. Our breast pump can help stimulate milk production.

Leaking breasts

Why does it happen?  Almost all mums experience leaking breasts, especially in the first few months of breastfeeding when your body is adjusting to providing the right amount of milk for your baby. Leaking breast milk can leave you with marks on your clothes – and it can be embarrassing too.

What you can do: Expressing milk between feeds may help, but this may be something you can’t prevent altogether.

How Bébé Confort can help: Our breast pads will help protect your clothes – choose from washable, disposable and biodegradable pads. Plus, you can collect the excess milk using our milk shells.