Back Seat Car Mirror

A must-have to keep an eye on your rearward facing baby in the car
From birth
  • Moves in any direction to get the perfect angle to see the baby
  • Wide angle view
  • Crash tested and approved
  • Quick installation

Product description

Travel safely and relaxed thanks to the Bébé Confort back seat car mirror! You can keep an eye on your baby or toddler when their car seat is rearward facing.

It helps preventing the risk of accident when parents keep turning around to check their children out. Very easy to install, the rear view car mirror offers a wide viewing angle and adjusts easily in different directions. And it is tested and approved in crash tests.

Why choose me

Wide viewing angle and easy adjustment whatever the direction
Wide angle view allows you the perfect view of your child or even to keep an eye on 2 rearward-facing children
Crash tested and approved for sturdiness
Quick and easy installation with 2 simple straps
Why do babies and young toddlers have to travel in a rearward facing position
Babies have a large and relatively heavy head compared to the rest of their body. In addition, their neck muscles are not yet fully developed. If the baby is travelling in a forward-facing position, his or her head will be thrown forward in the event of a head-on collision. This can cause serious neck injury and may even be fatal. By placing the baby in a rear-facing position, the forces exerted during the crash will be distributed across the baby’s entire back. It is therefore safer to travel rearward facing for babies until at least 13kg (approximately 15/18 months).
Where should I install the back seat rear-view mirror?
The rear-view mirror and the child car seat should not be installed on the same seat of the vehicle. It is better to install the rear-view mirror at an angle to the child on the headrest of the adjoining seat.
How do I know the back seat rear-view mirror is properly installed?
Adjustment is correct when, once seated in the driver's seat of your vehicle, you can see your rearward facing child without moving your own rear-view mirror.