Lightweight, essential infant carrier
From birth up to approx. 12 months
0 - 13 kg

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Discover Bébé Confort’s lightest baby car seat. Combined with its ergonomic carrying handle, our Bébé Confort Citi is designed to make it easy for you to lift and carry everywhere.


No matter what car you drive, our Maxi-Cosi Citi can be easily attached. Secure your baby car seat with the seat belt of your car. Citi can be installed with the CitiBase. Our user manual will guide you through the installation steps to make sure everything is done properly.

We are here to help you as a parent. Read our safe travel tips to learn more about installing our baby car seat.


At Bébé Confort we have carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. External crash test centres, such as the German Automobile Organisation ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club), constantly test and approve our Bébé Confort car seats and bases for their dynamic safety and ease of use.

When Bébé Confort Citi was tested for safety by ADAC in 2016, it received an overall 4-star rating. Our safe and comfortable Citi car seat is equipped with a Side Protection System which, in case of a hard side impact, will absorb the force. This allows you to rest assured that your baby is well-protected at all times.

Lightweight, essential infant carrier

Because we want to make things that work for real families, Bébé Confort Citi has been constructed to be as light as possible. Along with its ergonomic carry handle, our Citi is easy to lift and carry, wherever you go.

Despite its light weight, at Bébé Confort we do not compromise your little one’s comfort. The seat has extra padding to ensure your baby’s comfort.

Removable cover

After using our Citi for a while, the seat is likely to get dirty. Your little one may get car sick at times. No matter what happens on the road, Bébé Confort’s car seat cover is machine washable and can easily be removed.

Travel system

Going for a short trip to visit the grandparents? How about a quick stop at the supermarket? Or a refreshing stroll outside? Take your little one along in our lightweight car seat, or use in combination with a stroller by attaching Citi to it in just a click.

Our car seat combined with a Bébé Confort stroller creates the perfect match, giving you a travel system that’s complete and practical.

Bébé Confort Citi is approved for use in the airplane (TUV certification), and it’s easy to take with you on holiday, making it easy for your little one to come along.


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