Designed to keep you close
45 cm - 75 cm
0-12 kg
Essential Black
  • First modular baby car seat
  • Ultra-lightweight carrying
  • Multiple ergonomic carrying positions
  • Extra-large sun canopy

Product description

We designed the Bébé Confort Coral with a never seen before split functionality. The innovative modular design combines the highest safety standard with an advanced and easily detachable lightweight soft carrier.

The soft carrier, which provides multiple carrying options for more intimacy, weighs just 1.7 kg and is fully upholstered with soft fabrics. The handles of the soft carrier are conveniently retractable and ensure comfortable use for both the parents and their newborn. The carrier locks easily into the intuitive safety shell, which can be clicked on the ISOFIX base for easy installation.


Installing the Bébé Confort Coral has never been so easy thanks to the FamilyFix3, which connects to the ISOFIX anchors in your car. Click the Coral on the base and just click-and-go! No ISOFIX anchorage points in your car? Don’t worry, the Coral can also be installed using only the seat belt of your car.

FamilyFix3 allows you to leave the safety shell of the Coral in your car while you use the innovative lightweight soft carrier (only 1.7 kg without the newborn inlay) to go from one place to another with your baby. With this clever modular design, you can lift your little one ergonomically out of the safety shell in the car and that with just one hand and without any hassle or bumping your head! Taking the detachable soft carrier out of the safety shell or clicking it back in requires no effort at all. The audio-visual indicators then confirm correct and safe usage.


Over 50 million babies have been carried home from the hospital with the help of Bébé Confort. As a leading specialist in child mobility, your little one’s safety is our top priority. Our intuitive and innovative car seats safely protect your child and help carry you as family happily into the future. External crash test scores for dynamic safety and ease of use highly recommend Bébé Confort’s car seat.

The innovative and first-of-its-kind Coral is designed and manufactured with the highest safety standards in the industry (R129/03 i-Size). This means both i-Size when installed onto the FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base or with the car seat belt. So travel with your baby from birth onwards without having to worry about safety! The soft fabrics in the inlay keep your little one comfortable and safe, and lock effortlessly in the hard safety shell. Audio-visual indicators provide feedback for correct installation.

Designed to keep you close

Stay close to your baby from day one thanks to the innovative split functionality that allows you to carry the lightweight (1.7 kg) soft carrier close to you. With its retractable handles, the soft carrier can be used in multiple ergonomic carrying positions for everyday mobility. Click the soft carrier in the safety shell without any fuss and then click it onto the ISOFIX base for easy installation!

With its easy-to-adjust and extra-large sun canopy, the Bébé Confort Coral keeps your baby cool even on a hot and sunny day! The canopy is attached to the safety shell, which can be placed on most Bébé Confort strollers for a day out or just for your daily routine.

On the road, your baby may get car sick, or snacks and drinks may not always end up where they are supposed to be. No matter what happens, Bébé Confort’s car seat cover can easily be removed and is machine washable.

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What's in the box


    Facilidade de utilização

    A primeira cadeira auto para bebé modular a fornecer uma extraordinária conveniência para os pais

    O portador macio destacável permite um transporte fácil e leve do seu bebé

    Várias posições ergonómicas de transporte para mantê-lo juntinho ao seu bebé

    O inovador arnês de encaixe fácil permanece aberto para que consiga pôr e tirar o seu bebé em escassos segundos

    Portador macio com alças retráteis extremamente prático de transportar Instalação rápida e fácil em combinação com a base ISOFIX

    Botões de memória para garantir uma libertação fácil com uma só mão nos carrinhos Maxi-Cosi e Quinny

    Máxima proteção contra o sol com o para-sol extra-grande

    O inovador redutor acrescenta segurança e conforto para o seu recém-nascido

    Maior conforto para o seu bebé graças ao preenchimento macio do portador

    Cumpre a mais recente norma de segurança i-Size (R129/03), que agora também inclui instalação com cinto

    Um indicador de audiovisual confirma a instalação correta do portador macio na carapaça de segurança

    Sistema de proteção lateral para uma segurança ideal em caso de colisão lateral

    Design ergonómico novo com uma superfície lisa que melhora a ergonomia parental

    O produto é aprovado para uso em aviões (confirmar sempre com a sua companhia aérea)

    Can I install the Bébé Confort Coral with FamilyFix3 on the front passenger seat?
    Yes, you may install the Bébé Confort Coral onto the FamilyFix3 on the front passenger seat if that seat has ISOFIX anchor points. VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that the airbag has been deactivated. Most cars do not have ISOFIX anchorages in the front passenger seat.
    Can I install the Coral with only the car's seat belt?
    Yes you can install the Coral by the car seat belt. Please follow the instructions in the user manual or on the product carefully for a secure installation. The Bébé Confort Coral is approved according to ECE R129-03 i-Size as universal belted enhanced child restraint system (ECRS). This means belted i-Size.
    What does it mean; Coral is also i-Size when belted installed in a car?
    It means that Coral in belted installation is also approved according to the i-Size testing protocols, just like when it is installed on an ISOFIX base.
    Can I use the Coral on another ISOFIX base?
    The Coral only fits in combination with the FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base.
    Can I wash the baby-hugg inlay and cover of the Coral in my washing machine?
    Yes you can wash both the baby-hugg inlay as the cover of the Coral in your washing machine but at maximum 30 degrees and using a delicate washing program.
    On which stroller does Coral fit?
    The Bébé Confort Coral fits on all compatible Bébé Confort and Quinny stroller frames and a wide range of other brand strollers.
    How can I adjust the height of the safety harness?
    The height adjustment of the safety harness is regulated by means of the baby-hugg inlay. For newborn babies with a maximum lenght of 60 cm the baby-hugg inlay should be used in order to ensure the perfect safety harness height in the shoulder area. For babies with a length as from 61 cm up to 75 cm we recommend to remove the inlay. This way the lying position is lower providing a perfect safety harness height in the shoulder area again.
    How do I remove the Coral from my stroller?
    You can remove the Coral from a stroller by pushing simultaneously on two grey buttons that are located just next to the carrying handle on the side of the car seat and pulling the seat in an upward direction. Please make sure you always place the car seat rearward facing and not forward facing on the stroller. In combination with Bébé Confort and Quinny the Coral is very easy to release with one hand thanks to the memory buttons.
    The Bébé Confort Coral complies to the i-Size (R129) legislation. What does that mean?
    i-Size (R129) is a new legislation that aims to make car seats even safer than before. i-Size (R129) car seats offer ISOFIX installation, rearward facing travelling up to at least 15 months, and improved safety standards for additional protection for head and neck. To find out more about i-Size (R129) please visit our website: www.Bébé
    What accessories are available for the Coral?
    Bébé Confort offers these accessories for the Coral: footmuff, summer inlay, rain cover and mosquito net. Please see the Bébé Confort website for more information.
    When should I remove the Baby-Hugg inlay from the Coral?
    The baby-hugg inlay is especially developed to offer additional comfort and safety for small babies. A baby outgrows the baby-hugg inlay on average when he/she is taller than 60 cm. You can consequently remove this inlay from the Coral and use it without.
    Why is there a 12KG weight limit on the Coral instruction sticker?
    In i-Size (R129)  child car seats are classified in a length size range, but the legislation also requires to indicate a maximum weight of the baby. The Coral is suitable for babies from birth (40 cm) until 75 cm. The 12kg weight limit on the Coral refers to the 95 percentile weight of a child of 75 cm. This means that only 5% of the children will be over 12kg weight by the time they reach 75 cm.
    What does modular car seat mean?
    Coral is the first modular baby car seat. This means that the soft carrier (carrying element) can be splitted from the safety shell. This way safety in the car is guaranteed, whilst lightweight and ergonomic carrying convenience is provided.
    What is the weight of the soft carrier?
    The soft carrier is 1.7kg.
    Can I use the soft carrier until the 12 kg weight limit for Coral?
    Yes, the soft carrier can be used until the baby outgrows the Coral (>75 cm, or >12 kg).
    Can I easily replace the carrier with a new one or do you have to buy a whole new Coral? Can you buy the parts separately?
    In case of broken or damaged parts or a defect soft carrier the product can be repaired at one of the authorised repair centres. In case it cannot be repaired, the soft carrier can be replaced. In case you have a defect, please contact our consumer care department or your local retailer.
    Can I carry the whole product by means of the retractable soft carrier handles?
    Yes, that is possible and safe.
    What is the length limit of a baby for use of Coral?
    The Coral is designed to welcome babies from 40 cm up to 75 cm (approx. 12 months)
    How can I clean the safety shell of Coral?
    The safety shell can be cleaned using a wet cloth.
    How do I remove the carrier and how do I put it back?
    1. Fold the carrying handle of the safety shell down; 2. Take both carrying handles from the sides of the soft carrier and hold them together in one hand; 3. Press the soft carrier release button on the side of the safety shell in order to unlock the soft carrier; 4. Lift up the soft carrier from the safety shell; 5. When placing the soft carrier back in the safety shell, make sure it locks by means of an audible ‘Click’; 6. The carrying handles of the soft carrier will automatically retract when released; 7. Put the carrying handle of the safety shell in the most forward position towards the baby’s legs until it locks in driving position.
    Are the soft carrier and safety shell separately available?
    Both elements, the soft carrier and the safety shell, make one car seat. At this moment they are not available as separate items. In case of defects or breakage, you can consult our consumer care department.

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