Iséos Neo+

Specially designed for small babies
Walnut Brown
  • Comfy newborn support pillow
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Combination car seat (group 0+/1)
  • Multi recline positions

Product description

The Bébé Confort Iséos Neo+ is a combination car seat (group 0+/1) specially designed for newborns. Made of a super soft fabric, the ultra comfy newborn pillow provides best comfort for small babies. As a convertible seat, it starts in a rearward-facing position until the baby weighs 13 kg (group 0+), and the toddler can be installed in a forward-facing position until 18 kg (group 1). As babies grow fast, both the harness and seat width are adjustable, so it will always perfectly fit the child up to approx. 4 years.

As a convertible seat, the Bébé Confort Iséos Neo+ (Group 0+/1) starts in a rearward-facing position up to 13kg, and when it gets big enough, your toddler can be installed forward-facing up to 18kg. As your baby is growing fast, you will be able to adjust the harness but also seat width, and recline in several positions for a high traveling comfort.

Why choose me

What's in the box
  • Baby support pillow, Iseos Neo+
  • 2 sets of shoulder pads, Iseos Neo+
Ease of use

• Long lasting car seat, growing with the baby from birth up to 4 years
• One-hand harness adjuster 
• Convenient belt hooks keeps the harness open when installing the child 
• Machine washable cover at 30° 


• Integral padded seat 
• Very comfy and super-soft newborn pillow for baby’s maximum comfort 
• Adjustable seat width to always fit the growing child 
• Multi recline positions in forward facing from sitting to sleeping
• 3-position adjustable harness 
• 2 sets of shoulder pads: one for baby, one for toddler 


• Deep protective large wings to offer a good side impact protection 
• Belt tensioner system for an extra strong and secure installation in both directions 
• 5-point integral safety harness to ensure high safety restraint of the child 
• Anti-slip harness pads for high restraint performance in case of frontal impact 


• R44 /04 compliant 
• Rearward facing from birth to 13kg (from birth to approx. 15m) 
• Forward facing from 9 - 18kg (approx. 9m to 4y) 
• 3-point seat belt installation, with clear belt routing indicated on seat 
• Made in Europe 

Iseos Neo+ is ideal for parents:
- who have a baby who is too tall to be installed in the infant carrier anymore (head overtake the top of the shell) and still too small yet to be installed in forward facing car seat (less than 9kg/13kg). Iseos Neo+ is then ideal to continue travelling rearward facing until approx. 15 months (13 kg) to offer the best protection of the fragile head and neck of the baby
- who are looking for a long lasting baby car seat for the growing baby (for parents who don't need a infant carrier to install on the stroller, or for the second car)
- who dont' have a car equipped with ISOFIX

Are adapters available to install my infant car seat on a pushchair or buggy?
For some Bébé Confort car seats, adaptors are available separately for use on a pram and/or pushchair. We recommend taking your car seat and pram to your retailer to check whether adapters are available.
From what age can the support pillow be removed from the Bébé Confort infant car seat?
The support pillow provides your child with added comfort right after birth. There is no specific age at which the support pillow should be removed from the Bébé Confort car seat.This depends on the size of your child. Once you notice that your child is no longer lying comfortably because his or her head is lying on the ‘roll’, you can remove the support pillow from the Bébé Confort car seat.
When should my child switch from his first Bébé Confort infant car seat to the next car seat?
We recommend that your child remain in the first car seat, Group 0 or 0+ (0-13 months) i.e. facing backwards, as long as possible because this is the safest and usually the most comfortable position. As long as the back of your child's head is fully supported by the plastic shell, we recommend using the infant car seat. The length of the child’s legs is not an important factor here. It is extremely unwise to put a child into a larger, forward-facing car seat too early.
Why do babies have to travel in a reward facing position?
Babies have a large and heavy head compared to the rest of their body. In addition, their neck muscles are not yet fully developed. If the baby is transported in a forward-facing position, his or her head will be thrown forward in the event of a head-on collision. This can cause serious neck injury and may even be fatal. By placing the baby in a rear-facing position, the forces exerted during the crash will be distributed across the baby’s entire back.
The belts are not the same length. Why is this?
Uneven belts may be caused by the incorrect guiding of the harness system. Check at the back of the car seat that the belts are not twisted and that the pull belt (that runs forward at the bottom of the shell) is in the middle of the system. Also check that the belt can move easily to and fro through the shoulder openings. For smooth movement, the belt buckle should be flapped forward completely. This belt buckle operates by releasing the belt tensioner. If the problem continues after you have checked this, consult your retailer.
What is the right position/height for the harness ?
The harness straps should be placed as close as possible from the shoulders: not too high, not too low. The best position is really at the level of the shoulders. The headrest should be adjusted in consequence, keeping the harness at the level of the shoulders. For your convenience, most of our car seats are equipped with a simultaneous headrest and harness adjustment, so it easier to adjust the harness and the headrest to the right level to offer best protection to the child.
Is it possible to mount my car seat (Group 1) onto the frame of my pushchair?
This is not possible with our current range of products. Our products are developed with a strong focus on safety, quality and user-friendliness. The combination you are asking about would require that we make concessions to these three aspects. We have decided against making such concessions at this time.