Kore i-Size

It's in their hands
From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years
From 100 to 150
Authentic Cognac
  • - Quick and easy to buckle up
  • - i-Size safety
  • - Superior side protection
  • - Grows with your child

Product description

The Bébé-Confort Kore i-Size is suitable for children between 100 and 150 cm and offers the upmost comfort as it grows with your child both in height and width. Kore i-Size meets the highest and latest i-Size safety standards. Its open design makes getting in and out the seat and buckling up very easy for children.

Kore i-Size is designed to make it easy for children to get in and out their car seat and to buckle up on their own. They can grab the safety belt and insert it into the buckle within a few seconds. Kore i-Size also complies with the latest and highest safety standards - the i-Size regulation - combined with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus) for enhanced side impact protection. Suitable for children between 100 and 150 cm, it offers the upmost comfort as it grows with your child both in height and width.

Why choose me

Ease of use 3-point seat belt installation Washable cover Safety Excellent test results General Possible to install 3 car seats in a row Forward-facing car seat Made in Europe
Can I use the Kore i-Size if my car does not have ISOFIX connectors?
Yes, you can also use the Kore i-Size by installing it with your car seat belt only. With Gr. 2/3 car seats, the ISOFIX connectors are designed to improve stability, but have no role in the safety. The safety of your child is ensured by the car seat belt. Kore i-Size makes sure the belt is correctly positioned on your child's body.
What is the difference between the Kore Pro i-Size and Kore i-Size?
The Kore Pro i-Size is equipped with the ClickAssist light and has temperature regulating fabrics to help keep your child cool when it's warm. The design of the Kore Pro i-Size has more detailed and premium finishing.