A safe place for your baby
From birth up to approx. 12 months
From 45 to 75 cm
Nomad Blue
  • i-Size (R129) safety
  • Smart i-Size car seat family
  • Comfortable baby-hugg inlay
  • Flexible travel system

Product description

Bébé Confort Rock offers excellent car safety as it complies with the latest i-Size (R129) car seat legislation. Besides maximal safety, the Rock also has a comfortable baby-hugg inlay for a better fit and lying position for the newborn. For the comfort of bigger babies and safety in case of side impact collisions, impact-absorbing material is added to the top side wings. Bébé Confort recommends using the Rock with the FamilyFix One i-Size base, providing the a safe ISOFIX installation and a highly convenient Click & Go system.

Rock is Bébé Confort's new i-Size baby car seat. Offering maximal protection thanks to improved impact-absorbing materials and side protection. Thanks to the comfortable inlay a newborn can enjoy great safety in a cosy environment. Bébé Confort's recommendation is to use the Rock with the FamilyFix One i-Size base, providing the an ISOFIX installation and a highly convenient click-and-go system.

Why choose me

What's in the box
  • Sun canopy, Rock
  • Baby-hugg Inlay, Rock
Ease of use
  • Approved for use in an airplane
  • Can be installed stand-alone in the car with the 3-point seat belt
  • Quick and easy installation in combination with a ISOFIX base unit
  • Cover can be removed from the car seat without dismantling the integral harness
  • Cover can be removed from the car seat and is easy to wash and clean in the washing machine Comfort
  • The innovative baby-hugg inlay adds safety and comfort for the newborn
  • Sun protected with the integrated sun canopy
  • Comfy seat with extra padding Safety
  • Impact-absorbing material in top side wings offers extra protection
  • Rock includes a 3-point safety harness
  • Rearward-facing in the car for optimal travel safety
  • Side Protection System for optimal safety in side-impacts General
  • In combination with the
FamilyFix One i-Size, the Rock and Pearl Smart i-Size are a convenient solution from birth up to approx. 4 years