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Rodi AirProtect®

Innovative AirProtected technoloy
From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years
15 - 36 kg

Product description

The patented AirProtect® side impact technology in the headrest of the Bébé Confort Rodi AirProtect® car seat reduces the risk of head injury by as much as 20%. It is also very comfortable, with a relaxed recline position and can grow with the child thanks to its height adjustability. The Bébé Confort Rodi AirProtect® is also lightweight, so it can be easily switched between cars.

The AirProtect® side impact technology in the Bébé Confort Rodi AirProtect® child car seat is specially designed to provide your child with the best side protection possible, even reducing the risk of head injury by 20%! Enjoy the flexibility of the lightweight Bébé Confort Rodi AirProtect® child car seat as it easily switches between cars.

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