Rodi XP

Safe and comfortable choice
From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years
15-36 kg
Night Black
  • Side Protection System
  • Easy headrest adjustment
  • Lightweight

Product description

Every child is unique, developing and growing at its own pace. To keep each child protected at every stage, a fully adjustable car seat is needed to offer the best basic safety. The Bébé Confort Rodi XP car seat is the answer. It offers full side protection, and its adjustability in height ensures a perfect, comfortable fit for the growing child - always. The Rodi XP car seat is also lightweight, and can be installed into the car using the car’s own seat belt, making it easy to switch between cars.

The Bébé Confort Rodi XP child car seat offers full side protection. Its adjustability in height and width accommodates your growing child. The lightweight Rodi XP car seat is fitted with a regular car seat belt, making it flexible to switch between cars.

Why choose me

Ease of use
  • Rodi XP is lightweight and therefore easy to switch between cars
  • Rodi XP has a removable cover which you can easily clean Safety
  • With the Side Protection System your child is secured and kept upright in the safest position in the car seat Comfort
  • The booster seat can be adjusted in height to grow with the child up to 12 years of age General
  • The booster seat is adjustable in height to grow with the child
  • The booster seat is only available for forward facing travel
  • Made in
Europe Note: According to European legislation, children up to 1.50 meter (in some countries up to 1.35 meter) must use an approved child car seat! 
Are children taller than 1.50 metres required to sit in a child car seat?
No, but they must wear a car seat belt!
Is it safe to use second-hand car seats?
We advise against purchasing a used car seat. The history of a second-hand car seat is often unknown. In other words, you cannot know for certain how it has been used. Car seats that have been involved in an accident are no longer guaranteed to be safe. The car seat may also be damaged in some other manner or may be incomplete.
Can 3 car seats fit on the back seat of my car?
Depending on the type of car, 3 seats may fit on the back seat.We recommend taking your car to the retailer to check this.
Can I also position a car seat on the front passenger seat?
Infant and child car seats can be placed on the passenger seat in the car. The rear seat of the car is preferable. An infant car seat for 0-13 months may only be used on the front passenger seat if there is no frontal airbag or if you are sure that it has been deactivated. For car seats for older children (9 months to 12 year), if the front seat is equipped with an airbag, we recommend placing the seat in the rearmost position.
Why do I need a car seat?
The use of an approved child car seat is required by law for all children up to a height of 1.35 metres. This requirement applies to all countries that belong to the European Union. Car seats and boosters with ECE R44/04 certification meet the minimum requirements of this new law.