Dealing with Babies Fever

Taking temperatures and more

High temperatures in babies can be worrying, but they’re not uncommon. Here’s how to deal with them.

What temperature is normal in a baby?

Babies vary, but generally a normal baby temperature is considered to be 36.4°C. A fever is considered to be a temperature of 37.5°C and above.

Why do babies get fevers?

A high temperature in babies can be part of the body’s defence against infection. Some children will also develop a fever after immunisations.

When should I take my baby to the doctor?

Take your baby to the doctor if they have a temperature of 38°C or higher and are under 3 months, 39°C if they’re older than 3 months, or 40°C if they’re older than 6 months.

Also see a health professional if your baby has other signs of illness as well as a high temperature.

How do I take a baby’s temperature?

If you’re worried that your baby has a fever, you’ll need to take their temperature. But getting an accurate reading can be quite difficult as babies wriggle around a lot.

Luckily, there are lots of different types of thermometers available that make taking a baby’s temperature a bit easier.

How we can help

Baby thermometers are an important part of our baby toiletries range. They include an infrared thermometer so you don’t even have to touch your child to take their temperature – the reading is taken 4cm to 8cm from the forehead.

Our pacifier thermometer is shaped like a dummy, so it’s easy for your baby to put in their mouth.

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