Dealing with Baby Blocked Nose

Baby toiletries for snuffles

Babies often have the snuffles or suffer from runny noses. Take a look at the essential baby toiletries and newborn care products that can help you deal with blocked noses and put your mind at rest.

Why do babies get blocked noses?

Babies’ noses can get blocked because of the normal build-up of mucus in them. They may also get a blocked nose because of a cold, or because of dryness in the air caused by central heating.

The problem is that babies can’t clear their noses themselves until they’re about 3 years old. And a blocked nose can cause problems with feeding and sleeping.

Unblocking your baby’s nose

Steam can be helpful with the snuffles. Run the bath or shower until the bathroom gets steamy, then sit in the bathroom for a while with your baby.

You can also try using a humidifier to help with the effects of central heating.

When to see a doctor

See a doctor if your baby has any signs of illness other than a blocked nose.

How we can help; our baby hygiene products

Bébé Confort toiletries include nasal aspirators that allow you to gently unblock your baby’s nose in seconds. Our 3-in-1 nasal aspirator is also suitable for older children.

The Bébé Confort baby healthcare set, includes a baby nose cleaner, as well as an ultra-fast digital thermometer.