Grand Voyageur straw cup - 15m+

Help to fulfill baby's need with higher capacity
  • Large capacity cup
  • Easy opening system
  • Isothermal double walls
  • Ideal for transporting

Product description

Large capacity cup with straw mouthpiece for babies who want to drink like grown-ups.

Easy opening system specially developed to encourage baby's independence.

Up with isothermal double walls to keep the liquid at the right temperature. It is also non-spill and ideal for transporting.

Bébé Confort develops a full evolutive cups range, designed with baby's development in mind.

Your baby will move smoothly and naturally from bottle to cup, step by step, with a cup for each development stage:

- Mini Curieux transition cup - 4m+

- Petit Explorateur anti-leak cup - 6m+

- Aventurier en herbe - 9m+

- Grand Voyageur straw cup - 15m+