Petit Explorateur anti-leak cup - 6m+

The ideal cup for baby's independance
  • Ideal flow without risk of leakage
  • Flexible spout
  • Easy to hold

Product description

The exclusive Bébé Confort valve guarantees ideal flow without risk of leakage. Soft and flexible sipping spout for an easy transition from teat to sipping. Easy to hold thanks to the ergonomic and detachable handles.

Bébé Confort develops a full evolutive cups range, designed with baby's development in mind. Your baby will move smoothly and naturally from bottle to cup, step by step, with a cup for each development stage: - Mini Curieux transition cup - 4m+ - Petit Explorateur anti-leak cup - 6m+ - Aventurier en herbe - 9m+ - Grand Voyageur straw cup - 15m+