The next baby weaning stage

Eating on their own

Eating solid food opens up a whole new world of flavours for your baby – and before you know it, it’ll be time to move on from the purée stage to food they can eat by themselves.

When they’re between 9 to 18 months old, your baby will become more and more curious about food. They’ll be interested in what’s on your plate and start trying to copy you. But although they want to eat like a grown-up, they still need help.

Starting to eat by himself

As your baby’s coordination develops, you can start to let them eat with their hands. Start with things like slices of banana, melon or peach. Use quite big chunks – about the size of your own finger – so that they can grasp them easily. You can also start to let them use a spoon and /or a fork.

New tastes and textures to try

Give your baby variety – add foods with new tastes and textures. They’ll love trying them.

  • Never leave baby alone when they eat. You need to stay close to them in case they start to choke.
  • If they reject a food the first time, don’t be afraid to try again. Sometimes it takes a few goes for babies to get used to new flavours.
  • Be patient and try to make things fun. Weaning a baby takes time…


What baby weaning equipment will I need?

As they move from baby to toddler, your child will start to discover how to eat with cutlery as well as their hands. They’ll also need cups, dishes and bowls.

When choosing weaning equipment  that’s suitable for feeding a toddler as well as a baby, look our tor products that are:

  • made from safe materials, without bisphenol A
  • practical – watertight, leak-resistant, microwaveable, dishwasher proof
  • adapted for to help your child learn  – easy to use, ergonomic, safe and plastic so they don’t break
  • in fun colours and shapes that your baby will enjoy


At Bébé Confort, we offer a full set of stage 2 baby weaning equipment, including cutlery, plates, dishes and cups. We can also help your baby stay clean when they eat with our waterproof crumb catcher bibs.