3105203300_2019_bebeconfort_meal_te___econfort_meal_textile_bib_plastic_crumb_front 3105203300_2019_bebeconfort_meal_te___econfort_meal_textile_bib_plastic_crumb_front

Soft silicone bib

Ideal for mealtime

Product description

Your little one gets quickly stained during mealtime? The Bébé Confort silicone bib will help you get rid of stains and liquids and will make you both enjoy this time. With funny animal decors and an original crumb-catcher pocket, it’s easy to clean and easily adjustable for baby’s comfort.

Easily foldable, this silicone bib is very practical for storing, cleaning and transporting the bib. Can be wiped down for quick cleaning or put in the dishwasher.