Toddler Feeding

Make toddler feeding time fun time with our adorable range, including baby bibs, toddler cups, and baby cutlery. Anti-leak drinking cups are perfect when you’re on the go and dishwasher safe designs make cleaning up child’s play too.

Category & Filters
  1. Silicone spoons

    Silicone spoons

    Ideal for baby's first solid meals
    • Soft and flexible tip for gums
    • Extra supple silicone
    • Long ergonomic handle
  2. Step 3 set

    Step 3 set

    With anti-slip base to prevent spills
    • Anti-slip base
    • Microwave-safe
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPA-free.
  3. Soft silicone bib

    Soft silicone bib

    Ideal for mealtime
    • Crumb-catcher pocket.
    • Comfortable.
    • Easy to clean, to store and take away.
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPA-free.
  4. Mini Curieux transition cup - 4m+

    Mini Curieux transition cup - 4m+

    The closest spout to the teat shape
    • Easy transition from bottle
    • Silicone mouthpiece close to the teat shape
    • Compatible with wide-necked teats
  5. Aventurier en herbe 3 in 1 cup - 9m+

    Aventurier en herbe 3 in 1 cup - 9m+

    Ideal transition from cup to beaker for little adventurers
    • Non-spill rigid mouthpiece.
    • Regulate the flow when baby drinks.
    • Glass with soft rims.
  6. Conservation boxes

    Conservation boxes

    Erasable writing area
    • Rewritable tag zone
    • Easy scooping
    • Graduations
  7. Learning plate with cover

    Learning plate with cover

    • Hermetic lid
    • Ergonomic weaning compartments
  8. Warming plate

    Warming plate

    • Keeps food warm
    • Clover shape
    • Designs
    • Deep compartment
  9. Glass Microwave / Beaker

    Glass Microwave / Beaker

    • Translucent
    • Designs
  10. Soft silicone bib

    Soft silicone bib

    Ideal for mealtime
    • Supple and waterproof
    • Crumb catching pocket
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store and to carry around
  11. Bibs Size1/2

    Bibs Size1/2

    • Easy fixation system
    • Ultra resistant
    • Machine washable
  12. Junior bibs

    Junior bibs

    • Elastic neck band
    • Large size
    • Ultra resistant
    • Name tag