Other Car Seat Test Centres

ADAC Technology Centre, Germany

ADAC is the central testing facility of the European automobile clubs and one of only a handful of test centres accredited by Euro NCAP.

ADAC and the German consumer association Stiftung Warentest started the annual test of child car seats in 2002. Read more about the annual child car seat test and the ADAC test facility.

An extensive usability test, covering comfort and ease of use, is done by the Swiss automobile club Touring Club Schweiz (TCSEuro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme)Euro NCAP provides both drivers and the automotive industry with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe. Read about the extensive testing by Euro NCAP.

European Test Centre

The European Test Centre (ETC), (formerly known as the international consumer research testing) is a group of more than 35 consumer organisations worldwide. it provides independent assessments of consumer products, including child car seats.

its tests exceed european safety standard requirements and also take into account factors such as ease of use, seating comfort, and ease of installation. these are important safety features and make up 50 per cent of the overall test score.

ETC test criteria


  • frontal collision at 64 km/h, focusing on the seat’s performance and stability with a seat belt, and how easy the belt is slotted
  • through the seat
  • rear collision at 30 km/h
  • side collision – this is the most important element of the test, as one in four accidents is a side collision

Risk of incorrect use

  • how easy it is to secure the child properly in the seat
  • how easy it is to release and take the child out of the seat
  • how easy it is to instal and adjust the seat correctly in the car
  • how easy it is to adjust the seat in height as the child grows or to adjust it for another child
  • how easy it is to understand the manual

Ease of use and comfort

To test how comfortable and ergonomic the car seat is, it is installed in different types of car and in different positions. it is tested using both dummies and children and assessed by both experts and parents.

The car seat is also tested for ease of use to find out how easy it is to remove and clean the cover.


Car seats are tested for harmful and undesirable materials.

Publication of test results

Each consumer organisation publishes its own test results. You can use these independent test results as a guideline when choosing a car seat, but remember that legal requirements vary between countries. Always make sure that the car seat you choose is suitable for your car before you buy.

Test results are in the following publications:

Australia - Choice

Austria - Verein Fur Konsumenteninformation

Belgium - Association des Consommateurs Test-Achats SC

Brazil - Pro Teste - Associacao Brasiliera de Defesa do Consumidor

Bulgaria - Bulgarian National Consumers Association

Chile - The Organisation for the Defence of Consumers and Users in Chile

Cyprus - Cyprus Consumers' Association

Czech Republic - Czech Association of Consumers TEST

Denmark - Taenk/Forbrugerraadet (Danish Consumer Council)

Finland - Kuluttajavirasto

France - Que Choisir (UFC)

Germany - Stiftung Warentest

Greenland - Greenlands Forbrugerrad

Hong Kong, China - Hong Kong Consumer Council

Iceland - Neytendasamtokin

India - Voice

India - Right Choice India

Ireland - Consumer's Association of Ireland

Italy - Euroconsumers Servizi SRL

Korea - Citizens' Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea

Netherlands - Consumentenbond

New Zealand - Consumer New Zealand

Poland - Pro-Test Foundation

Portugal - DECO-Proteste Editores LDA

Romania - National Association for Consumer Protection...

Romania - Romania Association for Consumer Protection

Singapore - Consumers Association of Singapore

Slovenia - Zveza Potrosnikov Slovenije

South Africa - National Consumer Forum of South Africa

Spain - Ediciones SA (OCU)

Sweden - Rad & Ron

Switzerland - Federation Romande des Consommateurs

Thailand - Foundation for Consumers

Ukraine - Test

UK - Which?

USA - Consumer Reports