Rear-Facing car seat travel innovation

Creating the safest Car Seats

At Bébé Confort, we started a revolution in child car seats with our rearward-facing baby car seats in 1984. And we developed our first rear-facing car seat for toddlers, the Bébé Confort Mobi, in 2004.

It’s our philosophy to design rearward-facing car seats that are:

  • super safe
  • easy to use – our seats have ISOFIX anchorages for fast, easy installation
  • compact and designed to fit most cars


Rear-facing travel misconceptions

As a parent, you may have doubts about putting your toddler in a rear-facing car seat. But most of the common worries are unfounded. Here we put them to rest.

Worry: A rear-facing car seat will give my toddler motion sickness.

Reality: In Sweden, where rear-facing travel for toddlers are common, no motion sickness problems have been associated with, or proven to be linked with, rear-facing seats.



Worry: I can’t have eye contact with my toddler if he’s in a rear-facing car seat

Reality: It’s true that rearward-facing toddler seats make direct eye contact more difficult. But your toddler can sit peacefully and look out of the side or back window. If he’s got other children sitting next to him, they can interact together. You can also use a mirror on the head support of the back seat to make eye contact with your children.

Worry: Rearward-facing toddler seats take up a lot of space in the car.

Reality: In smaller family cars the front passenger seat may have to go further forward to accommodate a rearward-facing toddler seat. But the additional space taken up isn’t much more than for a baby car seat. Bébé Confort toddler seats have a compact design, so they’re a good fit for most cars.

Leading the implementation of i-Size (R129)

Under the new i-Size regulations, babies need to travel in rearward-facing seats until they’re 15 months old. We launched the first i-Size (R129) car seat – the 2wayPearl toddler seat – in 2013.  This won the prestigious Kind + Jugend innovation award, and tested as the best ever convertible car seat by the European Test Centre (ETC) in 2014.

After this we successfully launched two more i-Size approved car seats: AxissFix and Pebble Plus. Now Bébé Confort offers solutions from birth until the child is 4 years old..