The Roll-Over Car Seat Crash Test

Putting car seat safety first

Car seats need to be safe enough to restrain children ─ even in a roll-over accident. At Bébé Confort, we equip all our seats with 5-point car seat harnesses and subject them to rigorous tests for maximum car seat protection.

The roll-over test


The roll-over test is a strict new test introduced in July 2013 to test seats in roll-over crashes. It assures safety beyond the previous  ECE R44-04 safety regulations.

To see how ECE R44-04 regulations did not go far enough, look how a dummy was ejected from a car seat in a simulated roll-over crash.

Watch this video and compare the different car seats 

The new roll-over test looks to make sure that the child restraint system keeps the child in the safest position within the protective seat shell, whatever happens in the accident.

Watch the video about a car seat roll-over test for a 5-point car seat harness

Both these tests were carried out by UTAC (the Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries), an independent testing organisation for the car industry.

At Bébé Confort, we make sure our car seats pass the roll-over test by having all our car seats officially tested and approved by test centres in France and the Netherlands, including UTAC and the Tass crash testing center. All our seats are tested and bear the roll-over label.

You can recognise that a Bébé Confort seat is roll-over safe by looking for the Roll-over label on the product pages on our website.