Side Impact Protection

Travel safely with side protection

Robust and reliable side protection is vital to help protect your child in a car accident. That’s why all Bébé Confort car seats are fitted with state-of –the-art side protection technology for your complete peace of mind.

Did you know?

One in four car accidents is a side-impact collision. A child is critically injured in a third of side-impact crashes and injuries are generally more severe, with one in three children dying.


Why is a child more at risk in a side-impact crash?


A child’s head and chest are extremely vulnerable to injury. The shoulders are the first point of contact, jolting the upper body.

As well as whiplash, your child can be injured by the oncoming vehicle and forceful contact with the car interior. Also, the door can be pushed into them, especially if their car seat is positioned next to it.

Did you know

Airbags are designed and positioned to protect adult heads, not those of children.


How does the Bébé Confort side protection system work?


The parts of the car seat that cradle your child’s head are reinforced with added layers of high-grade EPS and SPS foam. This material is proven to absorb the impact of a side and rear crash, and rebounds in frontal crashes, offering the ultimate in all-round protection. It also distributes the force of the crash away from your child’s body.

Did you know

The initial impact of a car crash is the most dangerous for your child’s head and brain. The Bébé Confort side protection system instantly absorbs the force of the impact to prevent serious head trauma.

Top Tip

Never remove any of the layers of foam in your car seat, even when cleaning. They are vital for your child’s safety and should always be left in place.


Where is the safest place in the car?


The middle of the rear seat is considered safest for a car seat as it’s furthest away from potential side impacts with the car.

However, the rear seat is often raised due to the location of the drive shaft, and it may not be possible to instal the car seat firmly. Instead, we recommend you use the rear right or left of the seat.

Top Tip

If possible, instal an Isofix car seat for extra safety.


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