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Squeezing more out of every day
0 - 22 kg

Why Choose Me

Ultra-compact fold

The Bébé Confort buggy takes compactness to the next level, fold using one hand only.

One-hand manoeuvrability

Easily manoeuvre with just one hand, leaving the other one free to hold your toddler’s hand.


At 6.7 kilos, you easily carry Mara up and down the stairs without feeling like going to the gym.

3 recline positions

Your little one can either lean back or completely lie-flat to enjoy sweet dreams on-the-go.

Product description

Your life as a parent is busy to say the least. From family visits by train to travelling to beginners' swimming lessons by car and quick catch-ups in the café with friends... With the ultra-compact Bébé Confort Mara, it all becomes a bit easier, meaning you can squeeze more out of every day.


The Mara’s ultra-compact design takes compactness to the next level, meaning you can take your baby and buggy anywhere you want to go.

Our Bébé Confort Mara buggy is the perfect fit for any urban lifestyle thanks to its lightweight design, easy one-hand manoeuvrability and one-hand fold. Lift the Mara up and down stairs with ease, manoeuvre through busy streets with just one hand or carry it along without feeling like you’ve just done a workout at the gym.


At Bébé Confort, your little one’s comfort is our highest priority. That's why we've designed a pushchair that provides the utmost comfort. Does your little one need a rest while you’re out? With its three comfortable recline positions, our Mara buggy ensures a comfortable journey. Your little one can lean back or lie completely flat and drift off to dreamland while you soak it all in.

Squeezing more out of every day

The Bébé Confort Mara is the perfect buggy for an on-the-go lifestyle. From the train to the car and back home again, the Bébé Confort buggy can come along on any trip. Its ultra-compact, lightweight design and one-hand manoeuvrability allow you to squeeze more out of every day.

If your little one needs a rest while you’re out, recline our Mara so they can lean back or lie completely flat, for sweet dreams on the go.

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