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Space and comfort for your newborn
From birth up to approx. 6 months
0 - 9 kg

Why Choose Me

Spacious and comfortable

The spacious and comfortable mattress of the Oria Carrycot keeps your baby snug and cosy when you are out and about.


Maxi-Cosi Oria weighs only 4 kilograms; you will be amazed by how easy and practical it is to carry along.

All-inclusive canopy

The canopy of Oria serves multiple purposes: you can attach the mosquito net to it; it has a visor for eye contact; and a mesh screen for ventilation!


Ideal for parents with limited storage space, the Oria can be folded flat, making it easy to store and to transport.

Product description

With a wide and spacious mattress, the new Bébé-Confort Oria Carrycot gives babies a real bed to sleep in when they're out and about. You can smoothly attach Oria to your pushchair without waking your little one. Whatever the weather, the canopy keeps your baby snug and cosy.

Installation with pushchair

Install the Bébé-Confort Oria onto your pushchair, using the side clips. It will fit on your stroller in just two clicks, making the attachment smooth and easy. The Oria fits on most Bébé-Confort pushchairs for enjoyable travels.


At Bébé-Confort we have carried over 50 million babies home from the hospital. For us, your child’s safety is Maxi-Cosi’s top priority. Experts advise us to keep newborns in the lie-flat position while on-the-go until they are approx. 9 kg.

With our comfortable Oria, this is possible! We make sure your little one can safely and comfortably lie flat in the Oria carrycot while you stroll.

Spacious and comfortable carrycot

Bébé-Confort Oria has been designed to give your little one a real bed feeling with its wide and spacious mattress.

You can be on-the-go without waking your baby, thanks to the carrycot’s practical 2-click system. Its attachment to the pushchair frame is smooth and easy. With a few simple clicks you can easily remove this comfortable carrycot from your pushchair using the integrated carry handle with just one hand. This Bébé-Confort carrycot fits on most Bébé-Confort pushchairs!

Of course, we have also taken the ease of use into account for you. The Oria carrycot weighs only 4 kg, making it easy to carry. Ideal for parents with minimal storage space, it is also foldable so that you can easily store or transport it.

Whatever the weather, the boot cover and canopy protect the baby on windy or sunny days. So you can enjoy days out together knowing your little one is snug and cosy.

Travel system

Are you going out for a short visit to the supermarket or for a fresh walk on your favourite street? Your little one can join you!

It’s easy to attach the carrycot to your Bébé-Confort pushchair, thanks to Oria’s easy and smooth 2-click system, which keeps your little one in the lie-flat position while you go for a stroll.

With just one hand and a few simple clicks ,you can easily remove the carrycot from your pushchair using the integrated carry handle. It fits on most Bébé-Confort pushchairs!

A practical travel system!

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